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EKAMEast Kent Advanced Motorcyclists (UK)
EKAMEidikes Katastaltikes Antitromokratikes Monades (Greece; police counter-terrorist force)
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Unlike the fMRI studies performed in drug development that require anesthetized, unconscious animals, Ekam Imaging's fMRI translational technology produces detailed maps of a conscious animal's brain activity, a state that much better represents the human condition.
1) To make clear that there is an urgent need for action in EKAM, by describing the increasing demand power on the distribution side, the author paints a situational picture of the power shifts to the integrating intermediaries in EC markets (Euro-alliances).
tatra bahusv api kramesu satsu prayikam ekam kramam aha adav iti dvayena adau prathame sadhu-sanga-sastra-sravana-dvara sraddha tad-artham visvasah tatah prathamanantaram dvitiyah sadhu-sango bhajana-riti-siksa-nibandhanah .
Dollar Plus Smoke Shop, Ekam LLC, 4151 Meridian St.
Jackson collaborated with Rahman on Ekam Satyam track in 1999.
8) MN 73 at MN I 490,24: "Vaccha, not merely one hundred, not two hundred, not three hundred, not four hundred, not five hundred, but far more nuns who are my disciples dwell by having realized here and now through their own direct knowledge the influx-free deliverance of the mind and deliverance by wisdom, being established in it through the destruction of the influxes," na kho, Vaccha, ekam yeva satam na dve satani na tini satani na cattari satani na panca satani, atha kho bhiyyo va ya bhikkhuniyo mama savika asavanam khaya aniasavam cetovimuttim pannavimuttim dittheva dhamme sayam abhinna sacchikatva upasampajja viharanti.
Why don't these preachers who teach people about various aspects of their faith speak up on the great traditions and sacred teachings such as, " Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti" (Truth is one, sages call it differently)?
The ancient Indian vision, " Ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanthi" (Truth is one, sages call it differently) and "Vasuthaiva Kudumbakam" (the whole earth is a family) are ignored.
Address : Nodal Officer, Jal Strav Vikas Ekam Poshina,Range Forest Office, Ta-Poshina, Dist-Sabarkantha,
The Vedic teachings such as, " vasuthaiva kundumbakam" (universal family) and " ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti" (Truth is one, sages call it differently) made it possible for all other religions come to India and establish themselves and grow feely.
The rich spiritual heritage of " Vasudhaiva kudumbakam" (the whole earth is one family) and " Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vatanthi" (truth is one, sages call it differently) should be preserved and promoted.