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The negotiation of an environmental agreement to govern the Ekati Mine is an example of one such regulatory innovation that created expectations on the part of project-affected communities that other large mines would include similar agreements.
The federal EIA carried out for the Ekati Mine did not, in itself, allow the mine to be built or to operate.
Under pressure from the federal government, BHP also negotiated separate impact and benefit agreements with the four Aboriginal groups that would be affected by the Ekati mine. Generally treated as binding contracts, impact and benefit agreements usually include provisions that guarantee employment for Aboriginal people in the mining project.
Dia Met of Vancouver is flogging itself to BHP which is already a partner with Dia Met in the famous Ekati mine, Canada's first diamond mine.
Following the announcement of the Ekati mine project, BHPB held public information meetings in ten regional northern communities likely to be most affected by the proposed development (BHP Diamonds Inc., 1996).
The Russian and Canadian cratons are vast, and huge swarms of diatremes may well lurk under the glacial cover in under-explored or unexplored regions (the very rich diatreme now being exploited by the Ekati mine remained successfully camouflaged for a long time under the glacial meltwater of Lac de Gras).
The mine is only 35 km from the BHP Ekati mine, which underwent a full environmental assessment and the company went to great lengths to make it clear that they would not be depositing anything directly into Lac de Gras.
Construction of the Ekati mine began in 1996, and the mine was in full production by October 1998.