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EKUEastern Kentucky University
EKUExtended Key Usage (digital certificates)
EKUExtended Key Usage
EKUEnhanced Key Usage
EKUEarliest Known Use (philatelic designation)
EKUEuropean Karate Union
EKUEberhard-Karls-Universität (University At Tübingen, Germany)
EKUEura Kauttuan Urheilijat (Finnish: Eura-Kauttuan Athletes)
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Feeling that our lockstep curricular requirements may have been leaving us at a competitive disadvantage in recruiting, in 2011-2012 our honors director convened a group of ten regularly contributing honors faculty from across the EKU College of Arts and Sciences, along with three advanced honors program students, to serve as a Curriculum Reform Committee.
Wanting to address the issue, EKU accounting faculty began to create a management accounting curriculum option for accounting majors in 2012.
In 2009, EKU Libraries intended to publish ETDs, journals, special collections, and other content in an institutional repository using a platform that would display these items as well as manage the publishing process.
EKUs are used to tell your browser what type of rights a digital certificate should have.
As a state, we are committed to college and career readiness and to increasing the level of education attainment in our population," Doug Whitlock, president of EKU, said in a statement.
Conneely said he has shown financial leadership at EKU, and pointed to two costly multimillion dollar programs at the school he transformed into organizations that flowed revenue back into the school.
Seeking a safe escape route from a treetop vantage point, she watches, helpless as modernity, embodied in former history graduate student Isilo and his armed disciples, invades timeless Eku.
It will be a good test for Tommy, who also needs to recover from losing recently to Eku Essuman of Bilborough.
Set in a fictitious African village, Leonaroa Miano, the Cameroonian writer, tells us the harrowing story of the people of Eku and the night they all wish never happened.
This had repercussions in the debates about the reception of Barmen in church law in the new constitutions of the EKD, its member churches and in confessional associations such as the VELKD (United Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Germany), the EKU (Evangelical Church of the Union) and the Reformed Alliance.
Contemporary in style and visually smart and elegant, this lightweight sliding door system in glass is by Swiss specialist manufacturer EKU AG, for whom Hafele are exclusive distributors in the UK.
Locke, Desmond, Eku and Charlie are in trouble after the hatch was blown up.