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The midpoint of the arm was determined by anatomical sites of the elbow flexors and extensors, between the lateral border of the acromion and the humeral radial fossa.
The results of the grip strength measurements and isometric and isokinetic measurements performed for the knee extensor and elbow flexor muscles were summarized in Table 2.
The coefficients of variation for elbow flexor MTs were less than 3.
Decrease in elbow flexor inhibition after cervical spine manipulation in patients with chronic neck pain.
Maximum isometric knee extensors and elbow flexors strength was assessed during the one-hour exercise class as a "station" in the circuit training offered as part of the programme.
It is speculated that the short head is positioned in such a way that it acts as a more powerful elbow flexor, while the long head acts as a more powerful supinator.
The musculocutaneous nerve innervates the brachialis and biceps which are the elbow flexors.
2015b) Elbow flexor fatigue modulates central excitability of the knee extensors.
Motor unit synchronization is increased in biceps brachii after exercise-induced damage to elbow flexor muscles.
During the middle phase of arm reaching, the forearm supinates and the elbow flexor moment moves the hand away from the box vertically.
However, there was a significant increase in both arms (low and high hormonal conditions, respectively) for isometric strength (20% and 19%), 1RM (23% and 25%), 10RM (46% and 47%), Type I muscle fiber cross-sectional area (9% and 11%), Type II muscle cross-sectional area (21 and 24%), and elbow flexor cross-sectional area (12% and 10%), with no significant difference between contralateral arms for any of these resistance training induced adaptations.
The elbow flexor mass, medial collateral ligament, and the medial joint capsule become lax secondary to repetitive valgus stress, leading to abnormally elevated compressive forces across the lateral joint space.