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Patient characteristics: We compared the sociodemographic characteristics of the elderly mentally ill acute and assessment patient population with the overall elderly population, aged 65+ years, of North and South Thames Regions as derived from the 1991 OPCS Census.
Deinstitutionalization, as a policy, has also increased the number of elderly persons with serious mental illness who need long-term care but are no longer eligible for admission into public psychiatric hospitals, and now have no place to turn other than nursing home care.|1~ Aside from public psychiatric facilities, general hospital psychiatric units and private psychiatric hospitals also generally lack adequate accommodations for elderly mentally ill persons and, as a result, often discharge such persons to long-term care in nursing homes.|3~
The researcher attended all ward meetings (held once a month) and meetings of the 'multidisciplinary team' of nurses, doctors and paramedics from Ward G and the other two elderly mentally ill wards at the hospital.
They also found that many patients, especially children and the elderly mentally ill, still did not have access to single-sex washing and toilet facilities in Welsh hospitals.
WINDSOR Court is an EMI (elderly mentally ill) nursing home in Wallsend.
THE lack of care facilities for the elderly mentally ill in south Gwynedd - which has meant elderly people having to move away from their homes and families - was highlighted by councillors yesterday.
The employees of the Health Service and planning department believe there is only one way to meet the needs of the elderly mentally ill - expand the existing hospital by building over parkland.
Graeme's work placements for his NVQ levels 2 and 3 courses at Liverpool Community College have been with elderly mentally ill people at three Mersey Care NHS Trust locations including Heys Court in Garston, Mossley Hill Hospital and Park View Day Hospital in Tuebrook.
GPs argued that Sully was "valuable and unique" and "ideal for psychiatric, elderly mentally ill and geriatric patients".
It is the first time a home for elderly mentally ill people within Warwickshire has had a dog to provide therapy, but care home chiefs hope the idea will catch on.
We are facing a dramatic expansion in the elderly population of this country and consequently all clinicians will encounter increased numbers of elderly mentally ill patients in their work.
Treating mother earth like the elderly mentally ill, If they complain, just give them a pill, Take all their goodness, dispose into landfill, Space exploration with athletic overkill.
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