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ELEANEast Lancashire Environmental Arts Network (Mid Pennine Arts; UK)
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(39) That the Greeks and Romans regarded the reptile as generally portentous (good or bad) is indicated by a number of additional sources: Cicero, for example, who evidently believed in the lizard's power to give omens; (40) a statue (seen by Pausanias at Olympia) of an Elean seer or diviner named Thrasyboulos that had a gecko (galeotes) crawling on his shoulder; (41) the testimonia for a whole family of Sicilian interpreters of portents known as the Galeotai; (42) and, perhaps, the statue with the most famous Greek lizard of all, the sauros the young Apollo is (according to the usual interpretation) about to kill in the much-replicated statue attributed to the Late Classical sculptor Praxiteles.
In the singles,Susan Hughes faces a tough maindraw opener against Russian No.1 Elean Sukhereva.
Anderson Jr.; assistant director, Martha Elean; casting, Janet Hirshenson, Jane Jenkins.
Give everyone hugs and kisses, love ya.) -Your loving baby Sister Elean, Brother in law Alex, Maria and Joanne xxx.
The man, believed to be in his late 50s, was pronounced dead at the scene at Ely Power Station on Elean Business Park in Sutton, Cambs.
4, 5, 20): this Elean story had never appeared before in Greek art, and its first written attestation is Pindar, Olympian 10.28, composed ca.
From the Peloponnese, allegedly, a son of the tyrant of Argos, Pheidon, and amongst others an Arcadian whose father was rich enough to entertain all comers, and an Elean, Onomastos ('Famous') son of Agaios ('Enviable'), names presumably reflecting fact as well as aspiration.
The girl was locally named as Elean and neighbours said her parents were migrants from the Sudan who had only been in Britain for six months.
There are far more discrepancies than we ever observe between Pausanias and Herodotus: the Spartan request for the autonomy of the Lepreates is absent from Xenophon and the Elean reply is different; the extent of Agis' march in the first year (Olympia and the Alpheus) is absent from Xenophon.