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ECICOElections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance (Hong Kong)
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Frequent elections are unquestionably the only policy by which this dependence and sympathy can be effectually secured.
It will not be alleged, that an election law could have been framed and inserted in the Constitution, which would have been always applicable to every probable change in the situation of the country; and it will therefore not be denied, that a discretionary power over elections ought to exist somewhere.
These elections were attracting public attention from several circumstances connected with them, and also from the people taking part in them.
In the first place, it would not cost him anything, and it would get him half a day off, with his pay just the same; and then when election time came he would be able to vote--and there was something in that.
There will also great danger arise from the manner of electing the senate, when those who are elected themselves are afterwards to elect others; for by this means, if a certain number choose to combine together, though not very considerable, the election will always fall according to their pleasure.
He shook his head ominously and looked forward without hope to the fall elections.
My boy, I hope you will always defend your sister, and give anybody who insults her a good thrashing -- that is as it should be; but mind, I won't have any election blackguarding on my premises.
But," urged the Party Manager, "an election is a thing to be desired.
First thing you know, he'll be running an election himself, and going off to Ottawa for half the year and leaving his practice to go to the dogs.
Judge Driscoll's election labors had prostrated him, but it was said that as soon as he was well enough to entertain a challenge he would get one from Count Luigi.
He knew that it was himself, the thin and white-cheeked minister, who had done and suffered these things, and written thus far into the Election Sermon
The principle of election made it for a long while the great political power.