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Contract awarded for Advisers for education improvement and elective home education provider list
A draft report on inclusion in Stockton schools has shown 140 children in the borough are in "elective home education" (EHE) as of June 8 - up from just 30 a decade ago.
In 2014 we published a thematic review of learning from case reviews, including two cases from Wales, for improved practice around elective home education.
A Welsh Government spokesman said: "We plan to publish new non-statutory guidance on elective home education for local authorities in the autumn.
THE Welsh Assembly's proposals for elective home education, coincidentally coincide with the ever decreasing number of pupils in the schools, and lack of funding as a result of this.
A particular concern that has come out of this case for us all is that our powers in relation to elective home education are inadequate.
The Ad Hoc Scrutiny Panel on Elective Home Education (EHE) - the term used by the Department for Education to describe parents' decisions to provide education for their children at home - has already held fact-finding meetings.
Contract: elective home education: call for evidence - government consultation analysis
A Welsh Government spokesman said: "We plan to publish new nonstatutory guidance on elective home education for local authorities in the autumn.
Elective Home Education (EHE) can be a legitimate parenting choice but the MLSCB noted in the minutes of its last meeting there have been cases in Middlesbrough of parents using EHE as a means of refusing entry to homes meaning "any form of abuse" could remain hidden.
"We would urge Emma Whistance to make contact with the Education Welfare Service where one of our staff will be able to provide advice and link her to our Elective Home Education Team."