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Following the closing of the sale agreements, CU will have approximately 250 MW of electricity generation assets located in Canada, Mexico and Australia.
Due to depleted water levels in the hydro reservoirs, CEB has to restrict the electricity generation from hydropower plants to save the water for drinking and irrigation requirements, which is more vital at this stage.
On the occasion, Minister of Energy for Sindh, Imtiaz Sheikh confirming the electricity generation from Thar Coal project congratulated Pakistan People's Party leadership and the public of Sindh on this successful step towards development.
The cost of electricity based on re-gasified LNG came in at Rs5.07 per unit and its share was 14.66% in total electricity generation in the country.
According to the ministry sources, over two crore people have been brought under power coverage through 53 lakh solar home systems and presently 55 power plants having 13,654 MW electricity generation capacity are under construction.
The total electricity generation from RLNG was 3,187.48 GWh in August.
Subsequently, the rehabilitation activities were started jointly by the project management, the consultants and the contractors for lifting up the gates at the power house to recommence electricity generation from the project.
The cost of electricity based on LNG was priced at Rs9.72 per unit and its share in the total electricity generation was 24.5%.
The Electricity Generation Licence from DoE is an important milestone in advance of Nawah, the operating and maintenance subsidiary of Enec and Kepco, obtaining the operating licence from the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (Fanr).
Though this unit was completed in April, it could not start electricity generation for non-availability of water due to less inflows in River Indus at Tarbela in current year.
'Though first unit was completed in April, it could not start electricity generation owing to non-availability of water caused by low inflows in River Indus at Tarbela in current year,' said a spokesman for the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda).
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