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The subjects were fitted with electroglottograph electrodes connected to the Glottal Enterprises Electroglottograph (EGG), model EG-2, and a head mounted microphone, AKG model C420III connected to a KayPentax Computerize Speech Laboratory (CSL) Model 4500.
(The latter is a master class in which the singer's audio and electroglottograph waveform signals are displayed to those present; one such session was part of the program at the National Association of Teachers of Singing Conference in Nashville in 2008.) Nearly half of the book's chapters are devoted to the thorny pedagogic issue of registration.
Laboratory equipment includes the Kay Sonograph, the McSpeech Voice Analysis Computer Program, and the Rothenberg Electroglottograph. Using the fiberoptiscope and the stroboscopic light source, students are able to observe their own vocal folds as they sing and speak.
The DMA course, Technology in Applied Voice Study, is a fast-paced, intensive course that covers recording technology for speech and singing, data collection, programming interactive tutorials, spectrographic analysis, and EGG (electroglottograph) analysis.
Since we cannot travel back in time with a high quality tape recorder, spectrograph, and electroglottograph, we are forced to rely on the adequacies and inadequacies of written sources.