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ELDEnglish Language Development
ELDElectronic Logging Device (transportation hardware)
ELDExtraordinary Low Dispersion (optics)
ELDElectronic Locking Differential
ELDEars Label Definition
ELDEasy Language Document
ELDExternal Compile Directive
ELDEnvironmental Liability Directive (EU)
ELDEnglish Literacy Development
ELDExport-Led Development
ELDElectroluminescent Display
ELDErnest Le Deley (French artist)
ELDEndogenous Livestock Development (various locations)
ELDEmitter Locating Data (US DoD)
ELDEnvironmental Law Division
ELDEntreprise Locale de Distribution (France)
ELDEmbryo Lethal Dose
ELDEl Dorado, AR, USA (Airport Code)
ELDEconomic Loss Date (taxes)
ELDElectronic Load Detector
ELDEngineering Line Diagram
ELDEthyl Lake Duckett
ELDEast Longitude Date
ELDEdge Lighted Display
ELDEntreposage de Longue Durée (French: Long-Term Storage)
ELDEpiscopal Lay-Leadership Directory
ELDEarth Leakage Device (electrical safety, Australia and New Zealand)
ELDDoctor of Executive Leadership
ELDEvaluation & Licensing Division (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, Japan)
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Claim 1: A security document comprising an electrical circuit embedded in a document substrate means, wherein said electrical circuit comprises: a power source comprising at least one electroactive polymer power generating means; and an optical display comprising at least one electroluminescent display element and at least one nanohole array disposed as a layer of said electroluminescent display element.
These projects evaluated hardware including a Planar 640 x 480 active matrix electroluminescent display for the Land Warrior programme and a Kopin 1280 x 1024 high brightness active matrix liquid crystal display for the HMS of the RAH-66 Comanche helicopter.
It comes standard with a flat-panel electroluminescent display (monochrome), though a less expensive LCD screen is optional.
introduced the MACO 5050, a base-level system with compact, flat-panel electroluminescent display.
The key difference is that it has an LCD screen instead of electroluminescent display.
It's smaller and less expensive than the MACO 8000, with an electroluminescent display instead of CRT, although it's said to pack much the same power and features (PT, Jan.
EXA-1 computer control with touchpad and electroluminescent display provides automatic startup routines, and permits on-screen setting and monitoring of temperatures, rpm, and screw position.
Three levels of Injectvisor control with LED or electroluminescent display are offered.