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The PRS was located just in front of the electromagnetic calorimeter. It was composed of two planes of proportional tubes (286 horizontal and 288 vertical) preceded by a 9 mm (1.6[X.sub.0]) lead-antinomy converter.
resolution for these events was 1 cm, a value much smaller than the dimensions of a single tower of the electromagnetic calorimeter which allowed the use of the PRS to determine the impact point of converting photons for the 70% of the photons which converted in the lead radiator.
The electromagnetic calorimeter was also used as a target.
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The Electromagnetic Calorimeter. The electromagnetic calorimeter is responsible for the reconstruction of the photon 4-momentum.
The high segmentation of the electromagnetic calorimeter in the plane transverse to the beam direction assures a spatial resolution of 1/[square root of 12] = 3 mm which is equivalent to an angular resolution at 1.75 m from the target below 2 mrad.
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