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The main purpose of this paper is to develop the Simulink model of DTC controlled LIM that designed for use as electromagnetic launcher. The rest of the paper is organized as follows.
The DTC scheme is consist of switching selector, PWM inverter, flux and thrust observer and electromagnetic launcher system model.
Tellini, "Characterization of inductance gradient and current distribution in electromagnetic launchers," IEEE Trans.
To put a satellite info Earth orbit, the researchers will need to develop a hybrid system that combines the electromagnetic launcher to get the satellite into the atmosphere and a small rocket to achieve orbit.
Electromagnetic launchers are of great interest for both the civil industry and military applications [1].
In this work, we propose simplified modeling and measurement procedures for capacitive driven electromagnetic launchers using magnetic armatures.
Toni, "Acceleration of electromagnetic launchers modeling by using graphic processing unit," IEEE 16th EML Symposium Conference Proceedings, Beijing, May 15-19, 2012.
Electromagnetic launchers have been extensively investigated at the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL), where specific types of railguns, characterized by the use of discrete supports, have been developed [14, 15].
Elastic waves and solid armature contact pressure in electromagnetic launchers, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 42(3): 422-429.
Electromagnetic launchers now work on a dry contact, basically metal on metal, Cowan said.
Cowan thinks that the study's findings could apply to electromagnetic launchers for satellites and the sliding of magnetic levitation vehicles, as well.
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