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EMRElectronic Medical Record
EMRÉnergies Marines Renouvelables (French: Renewable Marine Energy)
EMRÉditions Marc Reift (French: Marc Reift Editions; Switzerland)
EMRElectromagnetic Radiation
EMREnergy, Mines and Resources (Department of)
EMREmergency Medicine Review (various organizations)
EMREngineering Management Review (IEEE quarterly magazine)
EMREndoscopic Mucosal Resection
EMRExperience Modification Rate (insurance)
EMRExtramural Research (various locations)
EMREnergetic Macroscopic Representation
EMRElectro Magnetic Radiation
EMREastern Main Road (Trinidad and Tobago)
EMRInstitut für Europäisches Medienrecht
EMREuropean Management Review (journal)
EMREmergency Medical Responder
EMREmergency Management and Response
EMREntertainment Media Research (various locations)
EMRExtramarital Relationship
EMREmballages Ménagers Recyclables (French: Recyclable Household Packaging)
EMREducable Mentally Retarded
EMREmergency Medical Response
EMRElectromagnetic Resonance
EMREmerging Markets Review (journal; Elsevier)
EMREnvironmental Management Representative
EMRElectromechanical Relay
EMRElectronic Management of Records
EMRÉditions Musicales Russes (French: Russian Music Publishing)
EMREnterprise Medical Record
EMRExclusive Marketing Right (India)
EMRÉcole Maîtrisienne Régionale de Bourgogne (French choir school)
EMREeyou Marine Region (Canada)
EMRExtraordinary Magnetoresistance
EMREmerald Management Reviews (database; UK)
EMREnvironmental Management Review
EMREngine Mixture Ratio
EMREuropean Midcourse Radar
EMREnhanced Metafile Record (Windows programming)
EMREdison Media Research
EMREspace Musical de Rousset (French: Rousset Musical Space; est. 1983)
EMRExchange Message Record
EMREnvironmental Management Report
EMRElectronic Meter Reading
EMREnter Move Request
EMREducational Media Resources (various organizations)
EMRElectromagnetic Response
EMREmergency Medical Rescue (New York)
EMREmergency Minimal Repair
EMRElevator Machine Room (architectural documents)
EMREnlisted Master Record
EMRExecutive Management Review
EMREnhanced Measurement Report
EMRExecutive Management Report
EMRElectronic Mail Registration
EMRElectromagnetic Reconnaissance
EMRExplosive Mishap Report
EMREuropean Model Rocketry (est. 1996)
EMRElectronic Mail Room
EMREvent Monitor Request
EMRElectronic Combat Multifunction Radar
EMREquipment Maintenance Record
EMREffort Multiplier Rating
EMRElectromechanical Research Incorporated
EMREngineering Management Resources BV
EMREspoir Masculin Régional (French: Promising Regional Actor)
EMRElectronic Management Reports
EMRErrored Message Ratio (Hekimian)
EMRExecution Management Replanner (TBMCS)
EMREmergency Manual Release
EMREmotionally Mentally Retarded
EMREmbassy Mission Residence (US State Department)
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Ltd., China, has recently introduced an interface that enables both electromagnetic resonance technology and touch technology on a display.
Takeshige suggests that electromagnetic resonance may also cause a decrease in serotonin in the pineal and brainstem raphe nucleus, which controls involuntary muscle tone.
Supply of Electromagnetic resonance testing machine for axial dynamic load strength of at least A 125 kN, prolonged static load of at least 250 kN (A 10%) and the maximum stroke amplitude of at least 2 mm, equipped with a furnace for high cycle fatigue fatigue test samples of circular cross section with a diameter up to 32 mm Move-pressure and CT sample at temperatures of at least 300-900 A C.
In conclusion, we explored the magnetic and electric dipole transitions in rare earth ions doped crystals for realizing electromagnetic resonance and negative refraction at optical frequencies.
The the electromagnetic resonance dependencies and local intensity enhancements on their structural parameters were also studied by finite-difference time-domain and finite element methods.
Electromagnetic resonance testing machine for dynamic axial loading force of at least A 125 kn, long-term static load of at least 150 kn, with a maximum combination of static and dynamic loading of A 250 kn (A 10%) and maximum stroke amplitude of at least 2 mm, equipped with mechanical jaws for clamping flat samples to a thickness of 20 mm and samples of circular cross section with a screw head to a maximum diameter of 32 mm and ct (1 ~, 2~, 3 ~) of the samples, with the furnace for high cycle fatigue endurance testing samples of circular cross section with a diameter up to 24 mm stroke -pressure and at temperatures of at least 300-900 A c extensometer to room temperature and the sensor for evaluating the cracking patterns of fracture mechanics.
This interpretation has caused the frequent use of the terminus "particle plasmonics" for the investigation and application of metal nanoparticles with characteristic electromagnetic resonances [2].
Electromagnetic resonances control over the 3D space by structural manipulation allows precise control over the propagation of light.
Control of electromagnetic resonances over the 3-D space by structural manipulation allows precise control over propagation of light.
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