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EMTECHElectromagnetic Technology
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In this context, significant developments in the application of electromagnetic technology to defence systems are emerging as a promising solution to the challenges posed by the weapons of potential adversaries and personnel reductions.
Numonics pioneered the first pen centric interactive whiteboard utilizing patented electromagnetic technology in 1994 and is a recognized leader.
The more advanced PestXit Duo not only uses the latest ultrasound technology, but also incorporates contemporary electromagnetic technology protecting your home up to 5000sq.
Opponents of the indiscriminate, unregulated explosion of the mobile phone phenomenon and the siting of transmitters, have long been warning of the dangers they perceive to be inherent in this new electromagnetic technology.
Based on a proprietary electromagnetic technology, the device is simple, reliable, and requires very small samples.
A new electromagnetic technology that uses a moving magnet instead of a moving coil appears to be a perfect solution for the many opportunities in dynamic characterization of elastomeric material.
based on its electromagnetic technology -- bright yellow light reflective digits that eliminate the wash out effect otherwise experienced with light bulbs -- a typical light bulb scoreboard that may cost $425 to run for the afternoon will run about $1 with a comparable Eversan scoreboard.
Viking's designs replace 100-year-old electromagnetic technology used in valves and motors, providing superior performance and long life while dramatically conserving power.
Magnetics will also be published quarterly and will be distributed on a controlled basis to 10,000 technical professionals in government and industry that integrate magnetic technologies into their products and applications, and to technical and management professionals in the magnetics, magnetic materials, magnetic products and components, and electromagnetic technology industries.
The primary operations are Electronic Warfare, Display Systems, Reconnaissance and IFF Systems, Advanced Electronics and Mechanics, Electromagnetic Technology Services.
Elsewhere in England, Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell were laying the foundations of electromagnetic technology.
The cooperative effort between the Vinyl Institute and NRT resulted in development of a system that uses electromagnetic technology to separate PVC post-consumer waste from other discarded polymers.
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