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EMWEnterprise Middleware
EMWEisenacher Motoren Werke
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EMWElectromagnetic Wave
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EMWEvangelical Movement of Wales (UK)
EMWEricsson Microwave Systems
EMWEquivalent Mud Weight (oil and gas drilling)
EMWEisenach Motoren Werke
EMWElite Most Wanted
EMWElectromagnetic Warfare
EMWEricsson Mobility World
EMWEarly Morning Wakening (aka terminal insomnia)
EMWEngineer Mine Warfare
EMWElectronic Metadata Workbook
EMWElectromagnetic Window
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The field of metamaterials involves designing complicated, composite structures, some of which can manipulate electromagnetic waves in ways that are impossible in naturally occurring materials.
Electromagnetic wave absorber performance was measured by using vector network analyzer (VNA) (Rohde & Schwarz, ZVHB) with the frequency range from 2.5 GHz to 8 GHz.
There are two key issues to deal with in this research: one is the propagation of electromagnetic wave in free space and the other one is the propagation of electromagnetic wave in the plasma.
When the input electromagnetic wave is weak, the diode is in "OFF" state.
Decreasing [[gamma.sub.0] this function starts oscillation leading to the formation of a gap in the SPS of scattered ordinary electromagnetic wave.
Borzdov, "Reflection of electromagnetic waves from layered continuously inhomogeneous anisotropic media: Multiple reflection method," Opt.
The simulated reflection coefficient for an incident electromagnetic wave with different incidence angles on the proposed asymmetric absorber is shown in Fig.
With increasing frequency of the electromagnetic wave propagating along of the line, due to the phenomenon of the skin effect the displacement current to the surface of the conductor-ka[2, 4].
Compact PCB monopole antenna for UWB applications," Journal of Electromagnetic Wave and Applications, 21(10): 1411-1420.
Researchers demonstrated that electromagnetic waves kill the microorganisms by changing the vibration frequency of the molecules (1).
"There is a small exposure of electromagnetic wave when you talk on your mobile, which is tolerable, but not when you have a
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Through Rain.--New York, Chichester, Weinheim, Brisbane, Singapore, Toronto, Johnwiley&Sons, Inc., 1996.
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