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EMRElectronic Medical Record
EMRÉnergies Marines Renouvelables (French: Renewable Marine Energy)
EMRÉditions Marc Reift (French: Marc Reift Editions; Switzerland)
EMRElectromagnetic Radiation
EMREnergy, Mines and Resources (Department of)
EMREmergency Medicine Review (various organizations)
EMREngineering Management Review (IEEE quarterly magazine)
EMREndoscopic Mucosal Resection
EMRExperience Modification Rate (insurance)
EMREnergetic Macroscopic Representation
EMRExtramural Research (various locations)
EMRElectro Magnetic Radiation
EMREastern Main Road (Trinidad and Tobago)
EMRInstitut für Europäisches Medienrecht
EMREuropean Management Review (journal)
EMREmergency Medical Responder
EMREmergency Management and Response
EMREntertainment Media Research (various locations)
EMRExtramarital Relationship
EMREmballages Ménagers Recyclables (French: Recyclable Household Packaging)
EMREducable Mentally Retarded
EMREmergency Medical Response
EMRElectromagnetic Resonance
EMREmerging Markets Review (journal; Elsevier)
EMREnvironmental Management Representative
EMRElectromechanical Relay
EMRElectronic Management of Records
EMRÉditions Musicales Russes (French: Russian Music Publishing)
EMREnterprise Medical Record
EMRExclusive Marketing Right (India)
EMRÉcole Maîtrisienne Régionale de Bourgogne (French choir school)
EMREeyou Marine Region (Canada)
EMREmerald Management Reviews (database; UK)
EMRExtraordinary Magnetoresistance
EMREnvironmental Management Review
EMREngine Mixture Ratio
EMREuropean Midcourse Radar
EMREnhanced Metafile Record (Windows programming)
EMREdison Media Research
EMREspace Musical de Rousset (French: Rousset Musical Space; est. 1983)
EMRExchange Message Record
EMREnvironmental Management Report
EMRElectronic Meter Reading
EMREnter Move Request
EMREducational Media Resources (various organizations)
EMRElectromagnetic Response
EMREmergency Medical Rescue (New York)
EMREmergency Minimal Repair
EMRElevator Machine Room (architectural documents)
EMREnlisted Master Record
EMRExecutive Management Review
EMREnhanced Measurement Report
EMRExecutive Management Report
EMRElectronic Mail Registration
EMRExplosive Mishap Report
EMRElectromagnetic Reconnaissance
EMREuropean Model Rocketry (est. 1996)
EMREvent Monitor Request
EMRElectronic Mail Room
EMREquipment Maintenance Record
EMRElectronic Combat Multifunction Radar
EMRElectromechanical Research Incorporated
EMREngineering Management Resources BV
EMREffort Multiplier Rating
EMREspoir Masculin Régional (French: Promising Regional Actor)
EMRErrored Message Ratio (Hekimian)
EMRExecution Management Replanner (TBMCS)
EMREmergency Manual Release
EMRElectronic Management Reports
EMREmotionally Mentally Retarded
EMREmbassy Mission Residence (US State Department)
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Also the higher residual current frequency the higher is the secondary circuit winding and the electromechanical relay impedance, since reactance of these elements X = 2 x [pi] x f L rises.
announced a complete line of patented NOsparc[R] arc suppressors that could dramatically increase the life of electromechanical relays used in thousands of applications, including industrial motors, data centers, and commercial heating and cooling equipment.
Clare's growing family of OptoMOS relays offers tremendous price-performance benefits to designers when compared to less reliable electromechanical relay alternatives," said Scott Martineau, director of marketing for Clare's OptoMOS line of solid state relays.
a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative Solid-State Modules, announced the availability of SSRs for replacement of electromechanical relays with intention of greatly extending trouble-free operation of production lines.
The first in a new product series, ADIs ADGM1304 and ADGM1004 RF MEMS switches are 95 percent smaller, 30 times faster, 10 times more reliable, and use 10 times less power than conventional electromechanical relays.
As an example, the electromechanical relay protects the network and sends a signal to disconnect a specific piece of equipment and with the digital relay we know, in real and remote time, which phase was operated and the respective intensity of the current, leading the teams to the site and, therefore, reducing the time it takes to locate the problem.
Tenders are invited for Electromechanical Relay Ape 30024 Spule, 24Vdc, 6A, 250Vac,6A 277Vac Drawing No.
Electromechanical relay topologies include SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, and transfer switches (DPDT), all with 1E6 lifetime and SMA connections.
Product: USB-ERB24 USB-based electromechanical relay interface, with screw terminals
The difference between a reed relay and an electromechanical relay is basically the crux of it.
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