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About RedHawk RedHawk allows designers to explore and identify physical design weaknesses that can result in power delivery failure, automatically repair the supply noise source, analyze the impact of dynamic voltage drop on timing and jitter, verify power and signal electromigration (EM), validate robustness of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuitry using PathFinder, and provide a power delivery network (PDN) model for system-level analysis using the Chip Power Model.
FIGURE 4 depicts two distinct phenomena related to board cleaner exposure: corrosion of copper under the solder mask leading to blistering, and electromigration of metals between the capacitor leads.
Early warnings regarding layout problems and possible bond wire and via electromigration damage prior to the prototype fabrication.
The mechanisms of drug transport are based on electromigration of charged molecules and/or electroosmosis (1).
However, the researchers, who were then at the University of California, Berkeley, realized that this electromigration of atoms might offer them a delicate and precise way to create minute cracks in wires.
To be successful at these smaller geometries, designers need tools that can easily interoperate, support hierarchical design methods and rapid prototyping, and that take into account critical DSM effects such as signal integrity, voltage (IR) drop, electromigration and substrate noise.
The range of problems addressed includes the time evolution of complex solidification morphologies related to the casting of metals, the behavior of crystalline dislocations under stress, and surface electromigration on metals.
These structures are specifically designed to monitor specific wearout failure mechanisms such as hot carriers, electromigration and time dependent dielectric breakdown.
Abstract: The effects of micro solder joint geometry on intermetallic compound (IMC) growth and electromigration during thermal aging and current stressing have been investigated using three groups of specimens: sandwich structure with solder layer of 10 to 50pm, wire butt with solder layer of 60 to 240pm, and solder ball with diameter of 200 to 500pm, each having CuSnCu structure.