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EBAPSElectron Bombarded Active Pixel Sensor (Intevac)
EBAPSEpistemological Beliefs Assessment for Physical Science (University of California, Berkeley)
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The electronic image intensification camera will be based on the company's patented electron bombarded active pixel sensor (EBAPS) digital imaging sensor for extreme low-light level detection.
Intevac's digital night vision cameras and goggles use an electron bombarded active pixel sensor, or EBAPS, which contains a "photocathode" that takes available light and magnifies it two to three hundred times, said Bill Maffucci, vice president and general manager for mission systems.
With its binocular visor-projected display performance, the new system integrates a center-mounted ISIE -11 sensor based on Intevac Photonics patented advanced imaging sensor technology, known as the electron bombarded active pixel sensor (EBAPS ).
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