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EDVElektronische Datenverarbeitung
EDVEnde Der Vernunft :-)
EDVEnd-Diastolic Volume
EDVEndothelium-Dependent Vasodilation
EDVEnfants du Vietnam (French: Vietnamese Children)
EDVEnd of Discharge Voltage (batteries)
EDVÉditions du Voyage (French: Travel Editions)
EDVEnterprise Desktop Virtualization (Wyse Technology)
EDVEuropean Disaster Volunteers (UK)
EDVEiffel Dépôt Vente (French: Eiffel Deposit Sale)
EDVEpidermodysplasia Verruciformis (skin disease)
EDVEvery Day Value (Macy's marketing
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EDVEnsemble de Valeur (blogring.net, secret society)
EDVElectronic Drawings Vault
EDVEmitter Descriptor Vector
EDVElectronic Diversity Visa Program (US State Department)
EDVEscapades des Déficients Visuels (French: Escapades of the Visually Impaired)
EDVElectron Drift Velocity (electricity and magnetism; physics)
EDVElectronische Dienstverlening (German: Electronic Services)
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where [u.sub.E] is the electron drift velocity along the axial direction and [u.sub.D] is the electron diffusion velocity.
Particularly, the GaN-based materials have the advantages of wide band gap, fast electron drift velocity, high temperature resistance, high pressure tolerance, and antiradiation [1].
where h = 6.626 x [10.sup.-34] J x s is the Plank constant; [m.sub.e] = 9.108 x [10.sup.-31] kg is the electron rest mass; [v.sub.D] = [[delta].sub.m]/([e.sub.0][n.sub.e0]) is the maximum value of the mean free electron drift velocity in the plasma channel of lightning, are formed when electric breakdown of long air gap in the discharge system <<charged cloud - ground>>; [[delta].sub.m] [approximately equal to] 4[I.sub.mL]/([pi][d.sub.k.sup.2]) is the maximum value of the current density in the plasma channel lightning of diameter [d.sub.k]; [e.sub.0] = 1.602 x [10.sup.-19] C is the module of the electron's electrical charge; [n.sub.e0] is the average value of the density of free electrons drifting in the plasma channel of lightning.
Electron drift velocity in a wire is proportional to the vector electric field [E.sub.w] in the wire, which supposedly causes the electron drift,
and so the electron drift velocity and the electric field in the wire are collinear but point in opposite directions.
Q is a point on the loop containing a line element a[delta][theta], [upsilon]' is electron drift velocity for a steady loop current, I, where I = nA[upsilon]'e and n is free electron density, A is cross sectional area of conductor and e is electron charge.
Electron drift velocity in these field conditions lies in the range 0.499/[] 1.297 mm/[micro]s [39, 40].
In order to calculate the electron drift velocity for large electric fields, consideration of conduction band satellite valleys is necessary (Yu, Carbona, 2001).
Properties include high breakdown voltage, high saturated electron drift velocity, and high thermal conductivity, surpassing silicon or gallium arsenide.
Using an average saturated electron drift velocity [unkeyable] of 4.5 X [10.sup.6] [cms.sup.-1] in the drift region at T = 500 [degrees] K, the drift zone length is 0.18 [micrometer] at 94 GHz.
Properties include high breakdown voltage, high saturated electron drift velocity and high thermal conductivity, challenging silicon or gallium arsenide.
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