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ETREstimated Time of Return/Repair
ETRETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Technical Report
ETREntreprise de Travaux Routiers (French: Company of Road Works)
ETRÉquipe Technique Régionale (French: Regional Technical Team)
ETRExpected to Be Ready (shipping)
ETRÉtudes Théologiques & Religieuses (French: Religious & Theological Studies)
ETREvents to Remember (various locations)
ETREducation, Training and Research (California)
ETREarly to Rise (health e-zine)
ETREasy to Read
ETRExternal Throughput Rate
ETRExternal Time Reference
ETRElectronically Tuned Radio
ETREnd of Term
ETREarly Token Release
ETREat the Rich
ETREtruscan (linguistics)
ETREffective Tax Rate
ETREstimated Time of Readiness (shipping)
ETRExpress Toll Route
ETRElectron Transport Rate (biochemistry)
ETREducation Training and Rehabilitation
ETREvaluation Team Report (Ohio educational system)
ETREastern Test Range
ETREducation and Training Resources (various locations)
ETRElectronic Toll Road
ETREcological Tax Reform
ETREstimated Time of Resolution (software repairs)
ETREnergize to Run (solenoids)
ETREntreprendre en Territoire Rural (French: Business in Rural Territory)
ETREntreprise Téléphone Robini (French phone company)
ETREarly Token Release (FDDI)
ETREngineering Test Reactor
ETREscape to Reality (various organizations)
ETRExpected Treatment Response (psychotherapy model)
ETRElectronic Time Recorder (clock)
ETREmployer Trip Reduction (commuting cost cut)
ETREssex Terminal Railway
ETRElectronics Technician Radar (US Navy)
ETREnjoy the Ride (travel agency)
ETRÉdition Téléphone Rouge (French: Red Phone Edition)
ETREverything That Rocks
ETREstimated Time of Restoration
ETREnabler Test Requirements (Open Mobile Alliance)
ETRElectronically Tuned Receiver
ETREasy-To-Reach (ITU-T)
ETREmergency Trauma Response
ETREducator's Travel Resource
ETRExport Traffic Release
ETRElectronic Tax Register
ETREmployment & Training Resources
ETRExperimental Type Rating (US FAA)
ETRExternal Timer Reference
ETREstimated Time Remaining
ETRElectronic Target Range (UK)
ETREvaporator Temperature Regulator (air conditioning)
ETRExperimental Test Reactor
ETRExisting to Remain (architectural/design)
ETREngine Transaction Report
ETREnergy Transfer Ratio
ETREmbedded Training Requirements
ETREstimated Total Return
ETRExternal Transfer Rate (Seagate)
ETRExpanded Test Report
ETRExtra Testing Rule (reliability testing)
ETRExpected to Realize
ETREnergie-Transport-Reaktionsmodell (German: Energy Transport Reaction model)
ETREngineering Technical Review
ETREnergy Trading & Risk
ETRExtended Target Region
ETREngineering Test Requirements
ETREquipamento Terminal de Rede (Portuguese)
ETREnd of Tour Report
ETREnhanced Toll Restriction (Teltronics Vision PBX)
ETRElectronically Transmitted Return (US IRS)
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After the parameters were determined in the dark-adapted state, the leaves were subjected to a saturating light pulse, with intensity of 1,400 [micro]mol photons [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1] and duration of 15 s, to determine the parameters of the light-adapted state, which permit to obtain the relations: initial fluorescence ([F.sub.0]'), maximum fluorescence ([F.sub.m]'), Y (effective photochemical quantum yield of PSII in light-adapted state), ETR (electron transport rate in photosystem II), [Q.sub.P] (photochemical quenching coefficient), [Q.sub.N] (non-photochemical quenching coefficient) and NPQ (non-photochemical dissipation).
FIGURE 2: Photosynthetic rates [A.sub.380] and [A.sub.pot] as a function of the maximum carboxylation velocity of Rubisco ([V.sub.c-max]) and maximum electron transport rate ([J.sub.max]) in saplings of five species of the central Amazon.
In addition, chlorophyll fluorescence parameters including maximal photochemical efficiency (Fv/Fm), photochemical quenching (qL), and electron transport rate (ETR) of both maize inbred lines had the same decreasing trend as compared to their respective Pn.
Measurements of the photochemical (qP) and non-photochemical (qN) quenching, coefficient due to nonphotochemical extinction (NPQ), apparent electron transport rate (ETR) and quantum yield of photosystem II were obtained from central fully expanded leaflets located in the first node.
The parameters of pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM), that is, electron transport rate (ETR), were calculated using the WinControl software [25].
In addition, as the ZnO NRs content increased from 10 to 70 wt.%, the photo-induced electron transport rate increased from 1.53 x [10.sup.9] to 12.73 x [10.sup.9] [S.sup.-1].
In this report, we presented a simpler spin coating method to obtain a shell layer of Ti[O.sub.2] coated on VA-ZnO arrays, which then acted as photoanodes assembled in DSSCs in an attempt to improve photovoltaic performance by combining the advantages of high surface area and chemical inertness of Ti[O.sub.2] and high electron transport rate of 1D ZnO nanostructures.
E curve [increment of F] Variable fluorescence (= [F'.sub.m] - [F.sub.s] (dimensionless) [increment of Effective quantum yield of PSII F]/[F'.sub.m] (dimensionless) E Spectrally averaged ambient PAR 1400-700 nm I /xmol photons [m.sup.-1] [s.sup.-1]) rETR Relative electron transport rate (= E x [increment of F]/[F'.sub.m]) (dimensionless) [rETR.sub.m] Maximum relative electron transport rate of the rETR vs.
Abbreviations: Car, carotenoid; Chl, chlorophyll; DCMU, 3(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea; [F.sub.0], Fm, Fv, minimum, maximum and variable fluorescence levels; [J.sub.F], photosynthetic electron transport rate; LHCII, light-harvesting complex of photosystem II; [P.sub.680], photochemically active Chl of PSII; PFD, photon flux density; Pheo, pheophytin a; PQ, plastoquinone; PSI, PSII, photosystems I and II, respectively; [Q.sub.A], primary quinone acceptor of PSII; [Q.sub.B], secondary quinone acceptor of PSII; qE, energy-dependent component of qN; qN, non-photochemical quenching of variable Chl fluorescence; qP, photochemical quenching of variable Chl fluorescence; RCII, reaction center of photosystem II: [Y.sub.Z], secondary electron donor of PSII.
Abbreviations: CF, chlorophyll fluorescence; DAP, days after planting; ET, evapotranspiration; ETR, electron transport rate; LT, leaf temperature; PPFD, photosynthetic photon flux density; [[PHI].sub.PSII], photosystem II quantum efficiency.
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