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Electron beam welding application to account for the largest share in the global electron beam machining market
Electron beam welding is a precision welding technique which is used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace & defense, medical equipment, oil & gas, nuclear, and many instrumentations applications.
Tang, "Electron beam welding of Ti-15-3 titanium alloy to 304 stainless steel with copper interlayer sheet," Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, vol.
Figure 2 documents internal defects in weld joint produced by electron beam welding (Fig.
Furthermore, the addition of C1720 as a base metal, which has 20 percent more spring property (elasticity) than the generally springy existing MX215, will enable customers to make flexible and rational choices of electron beam welding materials with spring and contact properties that match their applications according to their cost requirements.
Having both laser beam welding I (LBW) and electron beam welding (EBW) technologies in a single facility can streamline the manufacturing process when a component's design incorporates multiple weld joints separately tailored for one process or the other.
Advanced R&D and testing facilities include specialist techniques such as a reduced pressure electron beam welding, which can halve production costs and increase production speeds by up to ten-fold The newly extended work of the centre will also concentrate on identifying areas of opportunity including advanced fabrication of wind towers and foundations, composite fabrication for large wind turbine blades, combustion component coatings for biomass and dual-fired plants, solar energy systems, and anti-fouling coating development.
Kevin Parkin, managing director of Davy Markham, said TWI's expertise in electron beam welding would be crucial to the consortium's bid.
The electron beam welding process had its inception in the 1950s in the nuclear field, because of many requirements to weld refractory and reactive metals, very difficult to weld.
Subcontracted services include plating, coating, casting, laser or electron beam welding, laser cutting, plastic injection molding, and metal injection molding.
Cambridge, UK-based TWI has managed to reconfigure the technique of electron beam welding, yielding a manufacturing process that promises better performing products.
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