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Based on the standard electron binding energy data of the elements, although the tourmaline samples differ in color, their main chemical components are similar; they all contain Al, Si, Na, O, F, B, and other elements.
In the pink, yellow, and blue samples, the electron binding energy of the strongest Fe2p3/2 component are 710.5, 710.6, and 710.6 eV, respectively, coinciding with the electron binding energy of Fe2p3/2 in [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3], indicating that Fe is mainly in the [Fe.sup.3+] chemical state and coordinates with O.
Table 2 lists the inner electron binding energy data for mineralized samples with MMT and without MMT.
The electron binding energy of a hydrated electron has been speculated to be 3.3 eV, although no direct measurement has been performed.
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