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ECDEducation and Curriculum Development (various locations)
ECDElectron Capture Detector
ECDEconomic and Community Development (various locations)
ECDEl Confidencial Digital (Spanish: The Digital Confidential; newspaper)
ECDEarly Childhood Development
ECDExecutive Creative Director (advertising)
ECDErdheim-Chester Disease (rare disorder)
ECDEducation Childhood Development
ECDEast Coast Dyes (sports equipment; Towson, MD)
ECDElectron Capture Dissociation
ECDElectrochromic Display
ECDEast Coast Demerara (Demerara, Guyana)
ECDEstimated Completion Date
ECDExtended Criteria Donor (organ transplantation)
ECDEndothelial Cell Density
ECDEnergy Citations Database
ECDElectronic Civil Disobedience
ECDEmission Control Device
ECDÉcole du Commerce et de la Distribution (French: School of Commerce and Distribution)
ECDEquipment Configuration Database
ECDElectronic Chart Display
ECDEmbedded Computing Design
ECDEuropean Copyright Directive (EU)
ECDEnglish Country Dance
ECDEmergency Communications Department (various locations)
ECDEmbedded Controls Developer (VisSim)
ECDElectrochemical Deposition
ECDEthyl Cysteinate Dimer
ECDExpected Completion Date
ECDElectro-Chemical Devices, Inc. (Anaheim, CA)
ECDElectronic Communication Device
ECDEquivalent Circuit Diagram
ECDEnvironmentally Conscious Design
ECDEnvironment and Conservation Division (various locations)
ECDElectrochemical Detector
ECDElectronic Commerce Directive (UK)
ECDEnhanced Color Display
ECDEquine Cushing's Disease
ECDEuropean Catering Distributors
ECDEurasian Collared-Dove (bird)
ECDExtraction des Connaissances à Partir des Données (French: Extracting Knowledge from Data)
ECDEquivalent Current Dipole
ECDEnergy Conscious Design (UK)
ECDE-Community Development (Sterling Commerce)
ECDEddy-Current Distribution
ECDEquivalent Circulating Density
ECDEnhanced Compact Disc
ECDEastern Caribbean Dollar
ECDEuro Constructions Développement (French: Euro Construction Development)
ECDEntry Control Device
ECDElectronic Check Deposit (Citibank)
ECDElectrochemical Deburring (process to remove burrs from metals)
ECDEnvironmental Carcinogenesis Division (US EPA)
ECDEarth Crust Displacement
ECDElectronic Controls Design, Inc (Milwaukie, Oregon)
ECDEngineering Change Document
ECDEvaluation Criteria Document (IEEE)
ECDExplosive Containment Device
ECDEau Concept Développement (French: Water Concept Development)
ECDEnergy Centre Denmark (est. 1991)
ECDExternal Class Description
ECDÉcole de Conduite Deauvillaise (French driving school)
ECDÉlectricité Climatisation Domotique (French: Power Conditioning Home Automation)
ECDEntretien Chimie Distribution (French: Chemical Distribution Maintenance)
ECDEffective Cumulative Dose
ECDEmergency Contacts Directory (various organizations)
ECDEmission Control Diesel
ECDEspace Clément David (French: David Clement Space)
ECDÉchelle Comportementale pour la Démence (French: Behavioral Scale for Dementia)
ECDEquivalent Circle Diameter (measurement)
ECDEast Coast Destruction (bicycle motocross clothing; Bethlehem, PA)
ECDEastern Canadian District (Canada)
ECDElectron Capture Diameter
ECDEffect Correspondence Diagram
ECDElectrical Critical Dimension
ECDE-Commerce and Development Report (UNCTAD)
ECDError Cluster Distribution
ECDEdelson Clifford D'Angelo (law firm; Ontario, Canada)
ECDEffective Cut-Off Diameter
ECDEmergency Calendar Deleter
ECDElectrochemical Decontamination/Electrodecontamination
ECDEnergy Conversion Devices, Incorporated
ECDExecutive Council on Diversity and Worklife (Ford Motor Company)
ECDErasures Correcting Decoder
ECDEuropean Ceiling Designs, Inc.
ECDElement Control/Configuration Document
ECDEffective Candela
ECDExchange Cabling Data
ECDendocardial cushing defect
ECDEuropean Communications Division
ECDExternal Computerized Device
ECDEuropean Convertible Debenture
ECDEstimated Correction Date
ECDExpect Change Departure to Read
ECDExpected Connection Date
ECDEst Chauffage Dépannage (French: Heating Repairs)
ECDExercise Control Directorate
ECDEnvironmental Considerations Document
ECDExtracranial Doppler Sonography
ECDEarliest Completion Date
ECDTotal Commercial Energy Demand (Carolina Environmental Program)
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Taylor says that Shimadzu's systems for nitrous oxide detection use electron capture detectors (ECDs), which make use of a key physical property: the oxygen in nitrous oxide has a strong affinity for electrons.
In addition, a gas chromatograph equipped with an electron capture detector contains radioisotope ([sup.63]Ni), so the use of the apparatus is restricted for space.
All electron capture detectors (ECDs) such as those used in gas chromatography use a radioactive foil as their ionization source.
Quantity or scope: Description of supplies can be controlled is the CCP.Le contract is for the supply of a gas chromatograph coupled with an electron capture detector for SMS research laboratory EA 3233 of the COMUE Normandie University.
Electron capture detector (ECD) shall be included a.
first gas chromatograph with split / splitless injection system and an electron capture detector;
Tenders are invited for devices for control of other physical characteristics (Devices for control of other physical characteristics (lot 1 - thermal imager; lot 2 - oxygen analyzer; lot 3 - tester of optical networks of type JDSU ONT - 606D (or equivalent); lot 4 - gas chromatograph of type Agilent 7890 with flame-ionization detector and electron capture detector and headspace introduction automatic device (or equivalent)))
Tenders are invited for Apparatus for controlling other physical characteristics (lot ?1 - thermal Lot ?2 - oxygen analyzer Lot ?3 - tester optical networks such as JDSU ONT - 606D (or equivalent) Lot ?4 - gas chromatograph Agilent 7890 type of flame parieto-ionization detector and electron capture detector and automatic input device equilibrium vapor phase (or equivalent))
Depending on the pesticide residue being tested for and the products being tested, pesticide testing is performed on high performance liquid chromatograph with tandem mass spectrometers (HPLC-MS/MS), gas chromatograph with tandem mass spectrometers (GC-MS/MS), high performance liquid chromatograph with mass spectrometer (HPLC/MS), gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer (GC/MS) or gas chromatograph with electron capture detector GC/ECD.
The gas chromatograph with two electron capture detectors (ECD) is to be used for the determination
Following separation, the analytes are detected using a variety of analytic instruments, including mass spectrometers, although historically halogenated, semivolatile organic compounds have been detected by electron capture detectors. Once detected, these particular compounds are quantified by two primary methods, the external standard method and the internal standard method.
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