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ENPÉcole Nationale de Police (French: National Police School)
ENPEscuela Nacional Preparatoria (Spanish: National Preparatory School)
ENPElephant Nature Park (Thailand)
ENPEuropean Neighbourhood Policy
ENPEspacios Naturales Protegidos (Spanish: Protected Areas Management)
ENPÉcole Nationale de Procédure (French: National School of Procedure)
ENPEvent Notification Program
ENPEnable Presentation
ENPEverglades National Park
ENPElderly Nutrition Program (various locations)
ENPÉcole des Neurosciences Paris Île-De-France (French neuroscience school)
ENPEmergency Nurse Practitioner
ENPEmergency Number Professional (NENA)
ENPElectroless Nickel Plating
ENPEl Niño Phenomenon (climate)
ENPEnterprising Non-Profits
ENPEntreprise Nouvelle de Peinture (French: New Paint Company)
ENPendotoxin-neutralizing protein
ENPEmbedded NPrinter (Novell NetWare)
ENPÉcole Nationale de Perfectionnement (French: National School of Development)
ENPepicardiac nerve plexus
ENPExecutive Next Practices (business program)
ENPExpected Net Profit
ENPElectronic News Processing
ENPExtended Negotiation Procedure
ENPEuropean National Party
ENPElastomeric Nano Particle
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7% patients were directed to the electroneurophysiology laboratory without a preliminary diagnosis, medical history, or physical examination.
The lack of standard training by rotation in electroneurophysiology laboratories among physicians who request ENMGs and the insufficient focus and orientation on patients are factors that may increase the non-correspondence rate between the preliminary and ENMG diagnoses.
Department of Electroneurophysiology, Oskudar University, Istanbul, Turkey
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