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The use of electronic bills of lading is gaining traction among large Corps looking to take paper out of trade processes.
But beyond the obvious benefits, the ability to capture transactions at the source enables companies to monitor the supply chain looking for fraudulent activities by cross-checking data in the EDC system against purchase orders and electronic bills of lading.
We're pleased to confirm the first ever use of CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading for a shipment into Panama.
The Brazilian mining giant s successful completion of its first live CargoDocs transaction has made it the second of the leading global mining firms to implement CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading for iron ore trade.
The Virtual Business Center's documentation services for ocean carriers and LSPs include digitising shipping instructions from multiple file formats and generating electronic bills of lading.
The Rules for Electronic Bills of Lading need to be applauded since the digital bill is as flexible as the paper bill because it can also be transferred, amended, or surrendered.
Many jurisdictions in the past have been reluctant to adopt electronic transport records because they were concerned that the lack of an appropriate cross border infrastructure would not allow all the parties involved in an international trade transaction to use the electronic bills of lading. (89) Many customs and port authorities were not willing to accept the electronic bills of lading at import and export points because they did not have the appropriate equipment to view them in electronic form.
(83.) Rules for Electronic Bills of Lading, supra note 81, at art.
Intended for use by practicing lawyers, chapters cover the history and application of the Hague (Visby) Rules, carrier duties and exceptions, suits and claims under bills of lading, package limitation, electronic bills of lading, arrest of ships to obtain security, and execution of ships.
Using the Palm PDA in the mobile environment, OSB empowers companies with features such as: electronic Bills of Lading, automated fuel tax reporting, and searching for loads on the road.
The Rule Book also provides the legal rules for governing the transacting of electronic bills of lading through an application which mirrors the rights and obligations of users in relation to the international carriage of goods such as importers, freight forwarders, banks, carriers and other intermediaries.
Close to six years ago today, at the very start of 2010, a handful of our earliest customers completed the first ever series of live shipments using CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading. Today, we're delighted to announce that over 3,000 customers worldwide have adopted our solutions a major company milestone underscoring the industry's rapid and continuing shift to paperless trade.
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