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EDREnhanced Data Rate (Bluetooth)
EDREndpoint Detection and Response (computer security)
EDREconomic Data Report (various organizations)
EDRÉcole de Rugby (French rugby school)
EDRElection Day Registration
EDRExternal Dispute Resolution (various locations)
EDREvent Data Recorder
EDRExchanger Design and Rating (software)
EDREnvironmental Data Resources, Inc. (Milford, CT)
EDREnhanced Data Rate
EDREnterprise Data Replicator
EDREasy Drawing Routine
EDRElectron Diffusion Region
EDREuropean Drawer Rack (European Space Agency)
EDREarly Data Release
EDRElectrodialysis Reversal
EDREnvironmental Dispute Resolution
EDREmployment Dispute Resolution
EDREnterprise Data Replication
EDREconomic and Demographic Research
EDRExtreme Drug Resistance (malignant cells response to various chemotherapeutic agents)
EDRElectronic Dental Record
EDREquivalent Direct Radiation
EDREntreprises et Développement Régional (French: Companies and Regional Development)
EDRExternal Data Request
EDREmergency Detour Route
EDREconomic Development Representative (various organizations)
EDREnvironmental Data Registry (US Environmental Protection Agency)
EDREconomic Demonstrated Resources (geological resources)
EDREmployee Dining Room
EDREnvironmental Data Record
EDREnfants des Rizières (French: Children of the Rice)
EDREnergy Design Resources (California)
EDRECG-Derived Respiration
EDRElectronic Drilling Recorder (various companies)
EDREngineering Design Review
EDREntretien-Dépannage-Réparation (French: Maintenance-Repair-Troubleshooting)
EDREnterprise Deficiency Report (Air Force Mission Planning System Development)
EDRExposure Data Recognition (radiography)
EDREnterprise Data Repository (information system)
EDREarliest Date of Release (parole)
EDREvent Data Records (SS7)
EDRExploration Drilling Report (petroleum industry)
EDREvent-Dependent Routing
EDREngineering Data Record
EDREffective Downwind Report
EDREvolutionary Decision Review
EDRElectronic Diabetes Record
EDRElectronic Document Report
EDRE-Pulse Discrimination Ratio
EDREntity Data Record
EDRExploratory Development Requirement
EDRExpect Departure Release at ... (time)
EDREngineering Difficulty Report
EDREarthquake Data Report(s) (USGS)
EDREvent Detail Record
EDREngineering Documentation Report (US Army)
EDREfficient Data Representation
EDREnhanced Design Review (ISPE Baseline Guide)
EDREmbedded Data Recorder
EDREngineering Design Release
EDRÉvaluation Détaillé des Risques (French: Detailed Risk Assessment)
EDRElectronic Delivery Record (FedEx)
EDRExpressed Dissatisfaction Rate
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Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) announced it was awarded a task order by the Indian Health Service (IHS) to help replace its Electronic Dental Record (EDR) system.
The 502nd sought to establish a policy to mandate the use of the CDA as an electronic dental record. The commander of the 1st Medical Brigade supported the concept.
The process and standards were established to ensure that all providers would know the process to use the CDA as an electronic dental record. The first group (26 PROFIS ** dental officers from the 502nd DCAS) was trained to the new standard prior to deployment.
In a deployed environment, the CDA as an electronic dental record and electronic DNBI surveys proved a significant improvement over paper records and surveys.
The fact that the AC and RC databases were not synchronized by a common electronic dental record posed a significant challenge.
For an overview of security concerns, advice from dental hygienist topic area experts and some practical case studies, be sure to read sure to read "HIPAA, Patient Privacy and Electronic Dental Records."
Researchers at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston examined a year's worth of electronic dental records for 4,732 adults (ages 20-98) with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDDs).
Speaking of education, be sure to check out this issue's free CE Course, "Electronic Dental Records: Start Taking the Steps" (pg.
The introduction of electronic dental records (EDR) offers an opportunity to incorporate best practices using clinical decision support (CDS) to improve care.
New technology such as electronic dental records, digital radiography, oral cancer screening devices and lasers (to name just a few), have changed how we, as dental hygienists, define and deliver quality care to the patients we serve.
The future conversion to electronic dental records will greatly reduce the incidents of missing examination and treatment documentation which currently cause re-examination of Soldiers at the SRP dental stations.
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