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EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EFTEmotional Freedom Techniques
EFTElementary Flying Training (UK)
EFTExploration Flight Test (US NASA)
EFTEmotionally Focused Therapy
EFTEffective Field Theory (particle and nuclear physics)
EFTelectronic field trip
EFTEnergy Financing Team (various locations)
EFTEnterprise File Transfer
EFTEuropaeiske Faellesskabers Tidende (Danish: Offical Journals; EU)
EFTE-Form Template
EFTEnhanced File Transfer (software)
EFTExpeditionary Fast Transport (US DoD)
EFTElectrical Fast Transient
EFTEffective Full Time (various organizations)
EFTElectronic File Transfer
EFTEcocert Fair Trade (certification body)
EFTEquivalent Full Time
EFTEmotionally Focused Transformation
EFTEmployed Full Time
EFTEmbedded Figures Test (psychology)
EFTElapsed Fermentation Time (food biotechnology)
EFTEnglish for Tourism
EFTEwing's Family of Tumors (oncology)
EFTEarly Field Trial
EFTEuro-File Transfer
EFTExternal Fuel Tank
EFTEuropean Transport Workers' Federation
EFTEye Fresh Technology (Samsung)
EFTEarly Finish Time
EFTEnhanced Forecaster Tools
EFTEvergreen Forest Trust (Washington)
EFTEnigma Transportable File
EFTEnd-to-End Force Tracking
EFTEngineering Feasibility Test
EFTEnergy Field Techniques
EFTEmergency Flight Termination
EFTEnvelope-Feedback Technique
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Electronic file transfer could be used by members of the IPT outside of the contractor's location, which provided rapid communication of questions or potential changes and responses.
We have to have standards at the higher-level protocols--the network management protocols, electronic mail, electronic file transfer, cooperative computing system-to-system protocols--so that our systems can communicate with one another.
Various components of the system include laptop computers for branch loan originators, an automated lock-in system, company-wide electronic mail, fax boards and electronic file transfer.
New records will be added to the database periodically and on an increasingly frequent basis using electronic file transfer techniques.
These methods should include electronic file transfer (of various file types: EDI, XML, excel), direct input and invoice scanning with OCR.
In addition to the TCP/IP connection, WLN is providing value-added services at each of the public library systems, including electronic mail service, electronic file transfer, WLN Gopher, network news and remote login.
He feared he would have to set up conference calls and electronic file transfers to conduct business between the two offices.
The web-based account management services must include, but not be limited to, Fraud and Risk Management, Payables and Receivables Access and electronic file transfers. The Contractor shall provide web-based transfers of standard direct deposit files (ACH) from the Authority.
* Conduct secure electronic data interchange, electronic messaging, and electronic file transfers
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