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"Your electronic log book is going to be the key, the main tool for transferring information from one group to another - if you don't transfer what has happened during your shift, there could be a
You're able to run without the onboard electronic logs.
16, 2017, all truck operators must convert to electronic logs instead of paper logs.
A recent study conducted by the Center for Truck and Bus Safety at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and commissioned by the FMCSA found that trucks equipped with electronic logs experienced a 53 percent lower driving- related hours-of-service violation rate, an 11.7 percent reduction in their total crash rate and a 5.1 percent reduction in their preventable crash rate.
Electronic logs have been completed with both logs and samples obtained during drilling confirming the presence of hydrocarbons in the Mississippi Lime.
Providers now are required to keep electronic logs of e-mail traffic for six months.
By incorporating RQMS, detailed roll quality data such as profiles, charts, process trends and electronic logs are made available for further real-time or historical analysis and reporting.
1 Electronic logs are kept to show each user's authentication activity at the participating websites.
"Because they now have to keep electronic logs, there's a fair amount of maturity for mobility in transportation," says Hood.
Electronic logs and samples obtained during drilling confirm the presence of producible hydrocarbons over two intervals in the Arbuckle Limestone between 3,175 feet and 3,237 feet.
Vehicle drivers for BP Express access electronic logs from a Transflo mobile logbook that simplifies paper-based processes.
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