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ELBEl Paso (Amtrak bus station code; El Paso, TX)
ELBEffective Lower Bound (interest rate policy)
ELBEducation and Library Board (UK)
ELBElastic Load Balancing (Amazon Web Services LLC)
ELBÉtranges Libellules (French video game company)
ELBEmergency Locator Beacon (tracking transmitters)
ELBEuro Languedoc Bureautique (French printing company)
ELBElectric Bass (music)
ELBExtending the Littoral Battlespace
ELBEric Lee Band (band)
ELBEnglish Language Bookshop (Brighton, UK)
ELBEstonian Land Board
ELBExtended Long Busy
ELBEarth Leakage Breaker
ELBEntreprise Lochard-Beaucé (French excavation and public works company)
ELBExtended Leave Bank (employee leave benefit)
ELBEnglish Long Bow
ELBElectronic Log Book
ELBEmmett L Brown (Back To The Future movie character)
ELBEnhancing Local Benefits (IFC Extractive Industries Program)
ELBEcholucent Band (ultrasound)
ELBEast London Brass (UK)
ELBEthernet Load Balancing
ELBEl Loco Brass (music)
ELBExpos Le Basebol (Montreal Expos Baseball Team)
ELBEveryday Low Bi-Mart Price (advertisement)
ELBExtension Level Billing
ELBEquipment Log Book
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"With the electronic log books, half the Hours of Service violations are gone."
The rule mandating electronic log books (ELBs)-expected to take effect in 2017--is an example of a rule pushed by ATA that came to fruition despite its expected 5 percent to 8 percent effect on lost productivity.
Pharmacies are also now required by law to keep electronic log books on sales and must check I.D.s of those making the purchase.
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