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EMThem (slang; usually written 'em)
EMElectronic Mail
EMEmergency Medicine
EMEmerging Markets
EMElectronic Music
EMEddie Murphy
EMEnvironmental Management
EMEmergency Management
EMEnd of Medium
EMElectron Microscopy
EMEffective Microorganisms
EMElectronic Media
EMElectron Microscope
EMEnergy Management
EME-Mail Me
EMExpectation Maximization (algorithm)
EMExtreme Makeover
EMEsclerosis Multiple (Spanish: Multiple Sclerosis)
EMExperimental Model
EMEngineering Mechanics (various schools)
EMEnterprise Manager
EMÉcole de Management (French: Management School)
EMElectronic Monitoring (various locations)
EMEngineering Manager
EMExercise Manual
EMEncephalomyelitis (inflammation of brain and spinal cord)
EMEnd-user Manual
EMExpress Mail
EMExecutive Manager (US DoD)
EMElectronic Manual
EMEnterprise Management
EMElliot Minor (band)
EMEvaluation Model
EMEnlisted Marine (US DoD)
EMEmergency Manager
EMElectronic Musician
EMEngineering Model
EMEncyclopedia of Mormonism
EMExplanatory Memorandum (Australia and UK)
EMElectronic Module
EMEnrollment Management (educational institutions)
EMEarly Minoan (time period)
EMEngineer of Mines (mining engineer)
EMEnergia Metabolizável (French: Metabolizable Energy)
EMExtensions Manager (Apple)
EMEnlisted Military
EMEnvironmental Mycobacteria
EMEnd of Medium (ITU-T)
EMElectron Micrograph
EMElectromotive (voltage as an electromotive force)
EMEconomics and Management
EMElement Manager
EMEngine Modification
EMExternal Modulation (Pirelli)
EMEnvironmental Module
EMExpanded Memory
EMEnd Matched
EMEnergy Maneuverability
EMEmasculated Male
EMElectronic Marketplace
EMEquipment Module
EMElement Management (Sprint)
EMEnvironmental Monitor
EMExtraintestinal Manifestation
EMExecutive Minister
EMExecution Management
EMEnvironment Monitor (SONET)
EMEnergetic Material
EMExecution Monitor
EMEuroMetaux (European Association of Non-Ferrous Metals)
EMElectrician's Mate (US Navy rating)
EMEnabled Mail (Internet)
EMEducation Manual
EMElectric Mirrors (automotive classifieds)
EMElectromagnetic Conductivity
EMEconomy and Management
EMError Monitor
EMException Monitor
EMEarl Marshall (British)
EMElectron Migration
EMEngineering Memorandum
EMEquivalent Men
EMEuroMARC (European Union trademark registration database)
EMWidth of Capital m (unit of measurement)
EMEastern Megalopolis
EMDepartment of Electromechanics
EMErratus Monks (gaming)
EMQuantity of Structure Excavation without Shoring (Colorado Department of Transportation)
EMDepartment of Energy Office of Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management
EMEngineer(ing) Manual (USACE)
EMEdgemoor & Manetta Railway
EMEnlisted Man/Men/Member
EMEtna and Montrose Railroad
EMQuantity of Structure Excavation with Shoring (Colorado Department of Transportation)
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"The automotive environment is harsh on electronic modules," Williams said.
For the short time as the main board starts to deform the encapsulated electronic module does not almost sustain any strain.
The initial run of Electronic Modules has met all test requirements and has been sent for final assembly.
The saw features a 15A, 2,600 MWO motor and an electronic module that helps maintain blade speed and cutting torque.
The Torkdisc features a field proven telemetry system that consists of an onboard electronic module that converts torque signals into a high-speed digital representation.
DISNEY Princess Dressing Table - The Cinderella dressing table includes 3 trinket drawers, hair accessories, hairbrush, perfume bottle, tiara and an adjustable mirror, A heart gemstone at the top of the mirror has a removable electronic module that plays 4 different melodies.
Thankfully for those with dry cleaning nightmares, the electronic module, containing a rechargeable battery with an eight hour lifespan, can be removed before you send your jacket to the cleaners.
The Airshower has a fine filter with a pre-ionizing chamber that results in HEPA-type filtration, a silent fan motor, an air cooler element, and an electronic module with control panel.
The BDA is a non-adjustable, factory-calibrated, 5.1-ounce electronic module that is mounted inside the battery tray.
Watermark Electronic Module II (WEM-II) is a tool used to interface the Watermark sensor to any standard 24 VAC controller/time clock to provide automatic control based on a soil's moisture status.
On the top is the electronic module, which contains the system rectifier, inverter, battery charger, micro-processor, communications port, display indicators, and user controls.
The Turbomold family has a high-speed electronic module with dedicated analog I/O circuitry for closed-loop control of both injection and clamping.
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