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ESNREuropean Society of Neuroradiology
ESNRElectronic Sensor Technology (stock symbol; Newbury Park, CA)
ESNREffective Signal-To-Noise Ratio
ESNREqualized Signal-to-Noise Ratio (electronics)
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Programmable automation control enables use of electronic sensor technology to monitor a variety of critical system functions, including detection of low media level, inadequate compressed air pressure and full dust drum.
Electronic Sensor Technology (PINKSHEETS: ESNR), a company that has developed and patented a chemical vapor analysis process, has named Steve Wang as its chief financial officer.
"Our focus remains on leading innovation in communications, information systems and electronic sensor technology."
Electronic Sensor Technology (EST) (OTCBB: ESNR), a provider of homeland security and environmental solutions, has said that its Air Guardian system now offers enhanced performance and detection capabilities.
The zNose, developed by Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc., Newbury Park, Calif., recognizes odors and fragrances based upon their full chemical profile.
With its Coriolis-based electronic sensor technology, it is engineered for low-flow applications.
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