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ELOGEvent Logging
ELOGElectronic Logbook
ELOGElectronic Log
ELOGEpitaxial Lateral Over-Growth
ELOGEmitter Log
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Connected Data Solutions (CDS) has launched FFLoffice.com, a new standalone electronic logbook system available through its distributor partners (RSR Group, Sports South, Davidson's and Lipsey's) and, for a limited time, at no cost to qualified firearms dealers.
Working seamlessly with KeepTruckin's portfolio of solutions - the KeepTruckin Electronic Logging Device (ELD), Smart Dashcam and Electronic Logbook App - the App Marketplace offers customers a catalog of customizable integrations that can improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity to save fleets money.
Something else that I have found helpful is filling out the electronic logbook that the College of Optometrists provides on its website.
Thus, regulatory policies such as the electronic logbook mandate that took effect in December 2017 appears on-point in that requiring all trucks be equipped with such devices should substantially improve carriers' abilities at monitoring their drivers by improving operational visibility and reducing the extent that logs can be falsified (Cantor, Corsi, and Grimm 2009).
* Singapore Airlines signed a contract to use Electronic Logbook on its 777 and 787 fleet.
The addition of BlackBerry Radar will strengthen the company's new BigRoad Freight program, which gives owner-operators and fleets the ability to book the loads they want while ensuring quick payment and providing hours-of-service (HOS) visibility from within the BigRoad Mobile App electronic logbook.
The company provides drivers with the number one rated Electronic Logbook App for iOS & Android.
In addition, if you want someone else to see your logbook, such as a CFI, examiner or when applying for a job, you can give permission (and withdraw it) for a specific individual to see your electronic logbook. We consider this to be one of the better programs for a professional pilot or someone who flies a great deal or in a number of different types of aircraft.
The system, comprising a Bluetooth device, an electronic logbook application and a secure website, enables people with diabetes to electronically transmit, access and view their personal glucose data anytime and anywhere.
"They are a great addition to the Boeing portfolio and will deliver even more value to our customers when used in conjunction with capabilities such as Electronic Logbook, Airplane Health Management and Maintenance Performance Toolbox." Sep 25, 2013
Beginning with pilot studies in 1999, an electronic logbook program (ELB) was initiated to augment shrimp fishing effort measurements.
The new legislation would provide a secure, interconnected electronic logbook that enables pharmacists and retailers to refuse an illegal sale based on purchases made elsewhere in the state or beyond its borders, while preserving ready access to necessary medications for consumers.
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