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E-SCANElectronic Scanning
E-SCANElectronic Selected Current Aerospace Notices
E-SCANElectronically Scanned Antennas
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Still using common technology (common for NIIP and NIIR under the NPO Phazotron consortium), new fully digital radar systems with electronically scanned antennas were developed for the MiG-29M and Su-27M.
Advances in electronically scanned antennas or phased arrays make them the antennas of choice for the next generation fighter and attack aircraft.
The AN/APQ-181 radar on the Air Force/Northrop Grumman B-2 bomber is a completely redundant, modular system using two electronically scanned antennas.
The DRWiN electronically scanned antennas feature adaptive beam patterns that provide a narrow beam for high gain and a wide beam for acquisition.
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