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E-SCANElectronic Scanning
E-SCANElectronic Selected Current Aerospace Notices
E-SCANElectronically Scanned Antennas
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Instead it houses three fixed electronically scanned antennas. The I1-76/78 and A-50 airframe series are produced by Tapo in Uzbekistan but marketed internationally by Rosoboronexport.
Still using common technology (common for NIIP and NIIR under the NPO Phazotron consortium), new fully digital radar systems with electronically scanned antennas were developed for the MiG-29M and Su-27M.
Advances in electronically scanned antennas or phased arrays make them the antennas of choice for the next generation fighter and attack aircraft.
The AN/APQ-181 radar on the Air Force/Northrop Grumman B-2 bomber is a completely redundant, modular system using two electronically scanned antennas. This Ku-band (12.5-18.0 GHz) radar, developed by the Hughes Radar Systems Group, performs the multiple functions of navigation; terrain following; target search, identification and tracking; and weapons delivery.
The DRWiN electronically scanned antennas feature adaptive beam patterns that provide a narrow beam for high gain and a wide beam for acquisition.
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