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However, modification of poly(aryl ether ketone) properties by the electrophilic aromatic substitution polycondensation has received less attention to date [35-37],
This class of advanced materials is currently receiving much attention for potential applications in aerospace, automobile, electronics, and other high technology fields [4-8], Polyfaryl ether ketone)s (PAEKs) can be prepared via two approaches, the nucleophilic and the electrophilic aromatic substitution polycondensation [9-11].
The topics include electrophilic aromatic substitution, organometallic reagents, acid halides and anhydrides, aldol reactions, amines, and proton (1H) nuclear magnetic resonance.
These involve the acid-catalyzed deprotection of acid-labile pendant groups [4-9], acid-catalyzed depolymerization of polymer main chains [10-13], and acid-catalyzed electrophilic aromatic substitution [14-17].
The topics are nucleophilic aliphatic substitutions: SN1 and SN2, electrophilic addition to alkenes, electrophilic aromatic substitutions, and rearrangement and fragmentation reactions.