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ESAEuropean Space Agency
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ESAEndangered Species Act of 1973 (US)
ESAEcological Society of America
ESAElectrical Safety Authority
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ESAEnterprise Services Architecture (SAP)
ESAEconomic and Social Affairs
ESAEmployment Standards Act (Canada)
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ESAEntomological Society of America
ESAEntdecken Sie Algarve (German: Discover Algarve; magazine; Portugal)
ESAEmployment Standards Administration (US Deaprtment of Labor)
ESAEmotional Support Animal (disability support)
ESAEnvironmentally Sensitive Area
ESAÉcole Supérieure des Arts (French: University of the Arts; Beglium)
ESAEconomic and Statistical Analysis (various locations)
ESAEuropean System of Accounts
ESAExtended Stay America (Charlotte, NC)
ESAExcited State Absorption
ESAEastern Surfing Association
ESAEastern and Southern Africa
ESAEnthusiast System Architecture (protocol)
ESAEuropean Sociological Association (est. 1992)
ESAEuropean Symposium on Algorithms
ESAEducation Savings Accounts
ESAElectric Seat Adjustment (cars)
ESAEnterprise Software Advisor
ESAEmergency Services Authority (Australia)
ESAEuropean Supervisory Authorities (EU)
ESAEuropean Sponsorship Association
ESAEcologically Sensitive Area
ESAErythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent
ESAÉcole Supérieure d'Agriculture (French agriculture school)
ESAEarly Stone Age (prehistoric era)
ESAEngineering Services Agreement
ESAEuropean Speedrunner Assembly (est. 2015)
ESAEnterprise Systems Architecture
ESAEnterprise Service Adapter
ESAExtended Support Agreement
ESAExtended Systems Architecture
ESAEnd of Selected Area
ESAEnterprise Subscription Agreement
ESAElectronic Suspension Adjustment
ESAElectronic Spark Advance
ESAEmbedded Software Architecture
ESAEnergy Solutions Arena (Salt Lake City, UT)
ESAElectrochemical Surface Area
ESAEmbedded Systems Applications
ESAEconomics and Statistics Administration
ESAÉcole Supérieure des Affaires (French; Lebanese school of management)
ESAEpiscopal School of Acadiana (Louisiana)
ESAÉcole Spéciale d'Architecture (French: Special School of Architecture)
ESAEmergency Services Access
ESAExtended Service Area
ESAEl Semanario Agencia (Spanish: The Weekly Agency; Mexico)
ESAElectrostatic Analyzer
ESAEmployment Security Agency (various locations)
ESAElectronic Suspension Adjustment (motorcycles)
ESAEnterprise Service Automation
ESAElectronically Scanned Array
ESAEnvironmental Services Association
ESAEuropean System of Integrated Economic Accounts
ESAEFTA Surveillance Authority
ESAEducation Service Agency
ESAEducational Services of America (Nashville, TN)
ESAEconomic Stimulus Act of 2008
ESAExternal Support Agency
ESAExchange Settlement Account
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ESAElectrostatic Attraction (compare to ESD)
ESAEuratom Supply Agency
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ESAEphemera Society of America (est. 1980)
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ESAExtended System Architecture
ESAElectronic Spark Advance (automotive)
ESAEnterprise Systems Administration (various locations)
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ESAEuropean Society of Anaesthesiologists
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ESAEvent-Sequence Analysis
ESAEnterprise Security Architecture (NAC)
ESAEnterprise Software Agreement
ESAEnterprise Search Appliance (software)
ESAEnhanced Situational Awareness
ESAEuropean Society of Agronomy
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ESAEarth Sensor Assembly
ESAEtobicoke School of the Arts (Toronto, Canada)
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ESAEmployment Service Agency
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ESAÉtudes Spéciales Appliquées (French: Special Applied Studies)
ESAEpiscopal Synod of America
ESAElectronic Sub-Assembly
ESAElectrical Signature Analysis
ESAEnterprise Storage Array
ESAevent structure analysis
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ESAElectrically Small Antenna
ESAExclusive Seller's Agent (real estate)
ESAEngage, Study, Activate (teaching method)
ESAEastern Sunbathing Association (AANR region)
ESAEngineering Support Activity (US military)
ESAElectronically-Steered Antenna
ESAEnd System Address (Ciena)
ESAExternal Situational Awareness (National Center for Crisis and Continuity Coordination)
ESAExecutive Search Associates (various organizations)
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ESAEurasia Septentrionalis Antiqua
ESAEquatorial South America
ESAEquivalent Standard Axles (transportation engineering)
ESAEnvironmental Sciences Associates
ESAEnglish Setter Association (UK dog fanciers' club)
ESAEngineering Sciences and Applications Division (LANL)
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ESAEthical Society of Austin
ESAElectro-Spark Alloying
ESAEnergy Separation Algorithm
ESAEmergency Safe Altitude
ESAEarth Security Agency
ESAEuropean Studies Alliance
ESAEpiphyllum Society of America (Monrovia, California)
ESAEnd-Stage Assessment (UK project management)
ESAElectrical Surge Arrestor
ESAErrored Second, type A
ESAExpiration of Service Agreement
ESAElectronic Security Association
ESAEquipment Support Activity
ESAEngineering Source Approval (quality management)
ESAEmployee Stock Allocation
ESAEarly School Assessment
ESAElectrostatic Self-Assembly Process (nanotechnology)
ESAEnvironmental Sensor Assessment
ESAErroneously Sued As
ESAExploratory Shaft Facility (YMP)
ESAEthnographic Survey of Africa
ESAElectricity Storage Association, Inc.
ESAAll-electronic Safing and Arming (device)
ESAExternal Satellite Antenna
ESAElectron Scan Antenna
ESAEurpoean Symposium on Algorithms
ESAElectromagnetic Signal/Systems Analysis
ESAEther Starting Aid
ESAExpansion Scheduling Algorithm
ESAErgonomic Success Award
ESAEmployee Services Area
ESAEntrepreneurship Student Association (various universities)
ESAEnhanced Services Agreement
ESAEffective States Approximation
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This suggests that SDS and STS have sulfate head groups toward the surface of [gamma]-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] by electrostatic attraction. Admicelles with the bilayer containing both the first layer head-on toward [gamma]-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] and second layer head-out toward solution were formed [11].
Ionic strength affects electrostatic attraction between ionic adsorbates and charged surface adsorbent.
Several sharp-edged crystalline structures, which indicate the MB particle, are observed to be attached on the surface of MCC due to the dominant electrostatic attraction between the oppositely charged MCC and MB, as verified based on the results of Temkin and Dubinin-Radushkevich Isotherms.
Small flocculated aggregates formed in the solution during this process for electrostatic attraction. The resulting CFA/PEI/[Ti.sub.0.91] [O.sub.2] was washed by water for 2 cycles to remove excess [Ti.sub.0.91] [O.sub.2] nanosheets.
The adsorption phenomenon of Cr (VI) to the selected biosorbents can be attributed to various mechanisms such as electrostatic attraction and repulsion, chemical interactions and ion exchange responsible for adsorption of Cr (VI) acid chromium (HCr[O.sub.4]), chromates (Cr[O.sup.2-.sub.4]) and dichromate ([Cr.sub.2][O.sup.2-.sub.7]) ions and other oxyanions (Bennefield et al., 1982).
Therefore, the Zn(II) desorbed by KN[O.sub.3] was adsorbed through electrostatic attraction by the soils, and the proportion of [DELTA] desorption in [DELTA] adsorption in Table 2 roughly represented the relative contribution of electrostatic adsorption to the total increment of Zn(II) adsorption due to the presence of arsenate.
Noryl GTX 674PC from GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., contains conductive fillers to ensure electrostatic attraction of the powder coating.
With IML, a printed polypropylene label is placed in an open mold and held in the desired position by vacuum ports, electrostatic attraction and other means.
Since the magnetic particles have a positive charge and DNA has an overall negative charge, "the wires self-assemble in the solution via the electrostatic attraction between the DNA and the particles," says Joseph Kinsella, a Purdue graduate student and member of the research team.
Powder coatings are applied to metal surfaces using electrostatic attraction of the paint particles to the metal surface.
Other possible explanations for the 'muddy' soil include electrostatic attraction between the dust grains, ice melting on contact with the airbag, or a tiny amount of moisture released from the airbag.
In turn, that outsurge of negative particles pulled along, by electrostatic attraction, the positively charged ionized atoms that had been created by the cascade of electron liberation.
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