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EWSBElectroweak Symmetry Breaking (theoretical particle physics)
EWSBEast Winds Symphonic Band (Pittsburgh, PA)
EWSBElite War Shark Battalion
EWSBEternal Words Spelling Bee (California)
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Moreover, the same result was then obtained in four different formulas and three of them on the basis of the classical mechanistic model (actually through the analogue of spontaneous electroweak symmetry breaking in the SM).
"In seeking the agent of electroweak symmetry breaking, we hope to learn why the everyday world is as we find it: why atoms, chemistry, and stable structures can exist," writes theoretical physicist Chris Quigg of Fermilab.
SM postulates that the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking is the Higgs mechanism.
Yet, in most Composite Higgs models the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking depends on the existence of light technibaryons (top partners) with masses of the order of f, contrary to the large-N expectation.
Towards a realistic model of Higgsless electroweak symmetry breaking. Phys.
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However, electroweak symmetry breaking to these specific finite binary rotational subgroups occurs without a Higgs particle.
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