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EQMMEllery Queen's Mystery Magazine
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This book celebrates the work of collaborators Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee, who created the Ellery Queen detective novels and short stories, and especially the contributions of Dannay, who was editor of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. The book evaluates the role of the magazine, the story and novel character named Ellery Queen, and the role of Dannay in the development of the detective short story.
First was Theodore Mathieson's short story from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, "Thomas Wolfe and the Tombstone Mystery" (see "Notes," 188-89, in the 2010 TWR).
She is the author of many essays, novels, and crime stories, several of which have been translated in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Two of her crime stories have been nominated for the Friedrich Glauser Prize for best short crime fiction.
And Paula Rabinowitz offers an engaging and freewheeling essay that, if it scarcely touches on the ostensible subject of the volume, nevertheless manages to work in references to Rita Hayworth, film noir, and the history of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. While some essays are undeniably stronger than others, there are no real clunkers in the bunch.