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ELMSEuropean Le Mans Series (sports car racing)
ELMSElectronic License Management System
ELMSEuropean Le Mans Series
ELMSEnterprise Learning Management System
ELMSEncyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes
ELMSE-Academy License Management System
ELMSEnvironment and Land Management Sector (SADC)
ELMSElastic Loop Mobility System (US NASA)
ELMSElectrical Load Management System
ELMSEmail List Management System (various organizations)
ELMSElkridge Landing Middle School (Elkridge, MD)
ELMSEast Liverpool Middle School (East Liverpool, Ohio)
ELMSEast Lee Middle School (Sanford, NC)
ELMSEarth Limb Measurement System
ELMSEngineering Lifecycle Management System (software)
ELMSElectronic Logistic Management System
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The bush of wild cherries behind the elm tree was in full bloom and had not yet begun to shed its blossoms, and the nightingales--one quite near at hand and two or three others in the bushes down by the river--burst into full song after some preliminary twitters.
Immediately after the service Father Sergius, having pronounced the benediction on those present, went over to the bench under the elm tree at the entrance to the cave.
She sat in the quiet doorway, shaded from the little Riverboro world by the overhanging elms. A wide sense of thankfulness and peace possessed her, as she looked at the autumn landscape, listened to the rumble of a wagon on the bridge, and heard the call of the river as it dashed to the sea.
The doctor put the lantern at the head of the grave and came and sat down with his back against one of the elm trees.
Slowly, silently we wandered From the open cottage door, Underneath the elm's long branches To the pavement bending o'er; Underneath the mossy willow And the dying sycamore.
"Excuse me my Sophia for having thus unwillingly offended you--" replied I--and then changing the conversation, desired her to admire the noble Grandeur of the Elms which sheltered us from the Eastern Zephyr.
Only a week before the blow fell she, happening to raise her eyes from the paper, saw two figures seated on the grass under the shade of the elms. She could make out the white blouse.
She put her lips close against his ear to say: "Right into the big elm. You said you could.
Sometimes I went south to visit our German neighbours and to admire their catalpa grove, or to see the big elm tree that grew up out of a deep crack in the earth and had a hawk's nest in its branches.
There were two guides given us to start with, an oak and an elm. As to the oak there could be no question at all.
In front, just on the edge of the unpaved sidewalk, grew the Pyncheon Elm, which, in reference to such trees as one usually meets with, might well be termed gigantic.
She was about to say, "I never knew you could speak!" when a metallic voice that seemed to come from the ladle at the well remarked to the elm, "I suppose it is a bit coldish up there?" and the elm replied, "Not particularly, but you do get numb standing so long on one leg," and he flapped his arms vigorously just as the cabmen do before they drive off.