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ELSEWISEEuropean Large Scale Engineering Wide Integration Support Effort (Loughborough, England, UK)
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director; elsewise the rooster who stunned Ophelia, a rooster with
Finally, the expense that predation costs must weigh more heavily on entrants, prospects than on incumbents, elsewise the strategy of predation is self-defeating.
Unlike the male rock star who, having killed himself, gave his fans a taste of ultimate fatalism, Selena's life, not death, offered joy to so many who admired her - from field workers to the urban unemployed, poor brown and countless others who elsewise may have given over to despair.
Indeed, why not aggregate elsewise, comparing, for instance, the IQs of people who worry about racial IQs vs.
Bu since Wilson resembles other writers in addressing Frado's "value" as both worker and mother, yet is unusually silent when it comes to representing her protagonist in explicitly sexual(ized) terms, have chosen to narrow my focus to the sexual construction of black women's bodies in order to tease out the significance of Wilson's silence--or, rather, her decision to speak the body elsewise.
In a time when cable systems were expanding from twelve or twenty channels to thirty-five or fifty-four channels, operators sought decontrol in the state legislature because elsewise "rate increases needed to finance such expansion turn into a political or bureaucratic nightmare in the local government" (Margulies [1979c]).
Larsen persuaded him elsewise, and Murdoch eventually laid down an edict that all News Corp.
But sometimes one fears that Puryear's references are too narrow and too greatly particularize works that elsewise have immense power and sensuousness.