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ELULEnvironmental and Land Use Law
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For example, Elul and Gottardi focus only on the incentives of high-risk debtors and assume that low-risk debtors do not need to exert effort to succeed.
Levy's criticism of the Elul paragraph of the article.
Elul B, Barge S, Verma S, Kumar N, Sadhwani H, Bracken H, Narvekar S, Uttekar V.
307) Hershkowitz, Delayed Disclosure, supra note 154, at 444 (finding a lower rate of disclosure in physical abuse); Irit Hershkowitz & Aline Elul, The Effects of Investigative Utterances on Israeli Children's Reports of Physical Abuse, 3 APPLIED DEV.
Ziv Elul, CEO of Inneractive, said, This new round will help us bring more talent on board as well as facilitate our plan to increase our impressive growth and open new offices in New York City, India, and Singapore in addition to the ones in London, Tel Aviv and the Silicon Valley.
The ELUL Section is a very diverse and strong section providing invaluable services to its membership.
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Workshop of Transformation - The Hebrew months of Elul, marking the beginning of the Jewish season of change (Rosh Hashana), is the topic of discussion at 8 p.
The first Naples edition was printed by Gunzenhauser and completed in Elul [5]250 (18 August-15 September 1490).
The Holy One Blessed be He was reconciled with Israel, and these are the days of acquittal and forgiveness [referring to the days of the Hebrew month of Elul prior to the onset of the High Holidays], and this is the mystery of the virgin "neither had any man known her" [a reference to Rebecca at the well as described in Genesis 24:14].
One important part of the complete programme is the reintegration of the trained troops when they are back in Mogadishu," said Spanish Colonel Ricardo Gonzalez Elul, who explained the need to improve facilities at the camp in Mogadishu, where the trainees will be housed when they return.
a) En un documento hebreo fechado en el mes de elul (39) del ano 5019 de la Creacion, que corresponde al ano 1259 de la era cristiana, se suscribio el contrato de venta de una vina entre Mar Levi Chico y Maria Absaror y su esposo Mar Yishaq usillo, judios vecinos de Calahorra, como vendedores, y don Garci Garces, como comprador; el precio de la venta se fijo en 30 aureos (40).