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ELYCallaway Golf (stock symbol)
ELYIsrael Airlines (ICAO code)
ELYEly, NV, USA - Yelland Field (Airport Code)
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But Ely criticized the Warren Court for balancing in the areas of commercial and indecent speech.
Well-dressed Ely lived in a plush London townhouse and hob-nobbed with the rich and famous.
Ely comments on having both Jewish and non-Jewish friends, and his tendency to place them in separate spheres.
What separates this collection from other similar summations of long legal careers is the fact that Ely was often at the center during crucial moments in recent history.
Ely urged him: "Come to Glasgow and hear my experience and what life's like for people here on benefit.
One puzzling stretch of road is Heol Trelai, this is a broad road sweeping down from Cowbridge Road with service roads on each side and then ending abruptly at Ely Racecourse.
Ely entered the meeting a few minutes after it was closed to the public.
In Ely, where local government and the nonprofit White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation are seeking to purchase the railway, the transaction is considered key to revitalizing the region.
Evans of Duw Crescent, Ely, and Raisis of Amroth Road, Ely, were remanded in custody.
Equipment makers are offering modifications to address just this situation, according to Ely.
Well-dressed Ely lived the high life in a plush London townhouse and hob-nobbed with the rich and famous.
According to James Ely, the Fuller Court is also deeply misunderstood.