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EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EFTEmotional Freedom Techniques
EFTElementary Flying Training (UK)
EFTExploration Flight Test (US NASA)
EFTEmotionally Focused Therapy
EFTEffective Field Theory (particle and nuclear physics)
EFTelectronic field trip
EFTEnergy Financing Team (various locations)
EFTEnterprise File Transfer
EFTEuropaeiske Faellesskabers Tidende (Danish: Offical Journals; EU)
EFTE-Form Template
EFTEnhanced File Transfer (software)
EFTExpeditionary Fast Transport (US DoD)
EFTElectrical Fast Transient
EFTEffective Full Time (various organizations)
EFTElectronic File Transfer
EFTEcocert Fair Trade (certification body)
EFTEquivalent Full Time
EFTEmotionally Focused Transformation
EFTEmployed Full Time
EFTEmbedded Figures Test (psychology)
EFTElapsed Fermentation Time (food biotechnology)
EFTEnglish for Tourism
EFTEwing's Family of Tumors (oncology)
EFTEarly Field Trial
EFTEuro-File Transfer
EFTExternal Fuel Tank
EFTEuropean Transport Workers' Federation
EFTEye Fresh Technology (Samsung)
EFTEarly Finish Time
EFTEnhanced Forecaster Tools
EFTEvergreen Forest Trust (Washington)
EFTEnigma Transportable File
EFTEnd-to-End Force Tracking
EFTEnergy Field Techniques
EFTEngineering Feasibility Test
EFTEmergency Flight Termination
EFTEnvelope-Feedback Technique
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Embedded Figures Test. The EFT is a timed paper-and-pencil performance test adapted from the individual-administered EFT.
To manipulate prime awareness, we told half of the participants that completing the pronoun-circling task would change how they think and help them perform better in the subsequent embedded figures test. The unaware participants were not informed about how the completion of one task could affect their performance on the other task.
MANOVA results for the children's scores on the Story-Pictorial Embedded Figures Test (SPEFT) revealed that the older children were more field-independent than the younger children.
Four common measures to identify lateral thinkers are the Uses Test, Intolerance for Ambiguity, Embedded Figures Test, and the Need for Cognition.
The Group Embedded Figures Test (Witkin, Oltman, Raskin, & Karp, 1971) was administered after been translated into Portuguese.
El objetivo principal de nuestra investigacion se centra en la busqueda de un modelo estadistico de estilos cognitivos, basado en las pruebas Matching Familiar Figures Test-20 (MFFT-20) (Buela, Carretero y De los Santos, 2002), Test de colores y palabras (STROOP) (Golden, 2006) y Children's Embedded Figures Test (CEFT) (Witkin, Oltman, Raskin y Kart, 1987), que permita predecir y diagnosticar el Trastorno por Deficit de Atencion con Hiperactividad (TDAH).
2.2 Test of Hidden Figures--Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT)
240 junior and senior students all majoring in English took the Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT), the 1990 version of IELTS, and the Communicative Test (CT) designed for the present study.
Four hundred twenty-two students received the Group Embedded Figures Test, were separated into field dependent and field independent learners, and were randomly assigned to four instructional treatments.
A test of concept understanding was developed and field-tested for two years (criterion validity = 0.60, S/B reliability = 0.74, and K/R reliability = 0.63.) The Purdue Visualization of Rotations (PVOR), the Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT), and the Differential Aptitude Test: Space Relations (DAT) were administered to test mental rotation, spatial perception, and spatial visualization, respectively, to 97 non-science majors.
The Group Embedded Figures Test (GEFT) was used to gather data on students' learning style (Witkins et al, 1977).
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