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EMEISEnterprise Model Execution and Integration Services (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Open System Architecture)
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With regard to unblocking of EMEIs, PTA unblocked 5,184 IMEIs during 200607, 11,059 IMEIs in 200708, 7675 EMEIs in 200809, 6807 IMEIs in 200910, 4,159 EMEIs in 201011, 3,567 IMEIs in 201112 and 3,334 IMEIs were unblocked during 201213.
As intervencoes oferecidas para a amostra das EMEIs contou com 14 sessoes e para a populacao da universidade (familias de funcionarios da universidade) foram oferecidas 20 sessoes; em ambos os casos as intervencoes ocorreram duas vezes por semana, comecando e finalizando em um semestre letivo.
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Even twenty-two years later, in the Lenten sermons delivered by Geiler von Kaysersberg in Strasbourg Cathedral and published as Die Emeis in 1511, the preacher adopts much the same view.
Its 2012 acquisition of 65% of premium BPC retailer Emeis may facilitate a leap into the global market.