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ETBEthiopian Birr (ISO currency code)
ETBEmpresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá (Colombia)
ETBEnglish Theatre Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
ETBEnd of Transmission Block
ETBEmbedded Trace Buffer (Arm Microprocessor)
ETBÉconomie et Technique du Bâtiment (French: Economics and Technology Building)
ETBEurodistrict Trinational de Bâle (French: Trinational Eurodistrict Basel; Basel, Switzerland)
ETBEnglish Tourist Board (UK)
ETBEuskal Telebista (Basque television)
ETBEconomics and Trade Branch (UN)
ETBEt Tu, Brute? (Latin: And You, Brutus?)
ETBEquitorial Trust Bank (Nigeria)
ETBEmerald Tree Boa (herpetoculture)
ETBElectrostatic Transfer Belt (HP laser color printers)
ETBElectric Trolley Bus
ETBEuropean Transaction Bank
ETBEntente Tuc Balma (French sports club)
ETBWest Bend Municipal Airport (airport code; West Bend, WI)
ETBExpected Time of Berthing (maritime)
ETBExtended Trial Balance (accounting)
ETBÉtudes-Toitures-Bardages (Belgian construction company)
ETBEarly to Bed
ETBEnd of Text Block
ETBEnergy Technology Branch
ETBEstimated Time of Berthing
ETBElektronisk Tekstbehandling
ETBEwing's Tumor of Bone (oncology)
ETBElectronic Throttle Body (automotive)
ETBEquipment Transfer Bag
ETBEngaged in Trade or Business
ETBEvil Twin Brother
ETBElectrical Test Bed
ETBExperimental Test Bed
ETBEnd Transmission Blank
ETBExchange Terminal Board
ETBElectrical Test Board
ETBEnlisted Training Branch
ETBExtension Training Branch (US Army)
ETBEuropean Testbed
ETBElectrical Time Base
ETBExtended Telebreak
ETBE T Browne Drug Company
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The emerald tree boa originates in the South American rain forest.
some of these include the emerald tree boa, the silky anteater, the golden cock-of-the-rock, the golden lion tamarin, and the hoatzin.
Meet the tapir, howler monkey, emerald tree boa and six other rain forest animals.
Amazonian Tree Boas (Corallus hortulanus), like the Emerald Tree Boa, grab and hold their prey with long teeth while squeezing their victims with their constricting coils.
Emerald Tree Boas (Corallus caninus), found in the Amazon basin, have multiple highly sensitive heat-sensing organs that they use for 3-D thermal imaging of prey.
An emerald tree boa catches food with its long teeth and then squeezes it to death.
As this South American new-born emerald tree boa (Corallus canina) matures, its colouring will gradually change to bright green.
Like the emerald tree boa of South America, this tree dweller will assume the colour of its name as it reaches maturity
Emerald tree boa We tree boas have lots of sharp teeth.
Back: Why isn't this emerald tree boa emerald-green?
During a search by customs officers, the man was found to be have packages strapped to his calves containing the reptiles, which included four venomous baby king cobras and four baby emerald tree boas.