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EMAPElectronic Map
EMAPEmergency Management Accreditation Program
EMAPEmerging Markets and Asia Pacific (pharmaceutical marketing)
EMAPEdinburgh Mouse Atlas Project (embryonic development)
EMAPElectronic Materials and Packaging
EMAPElectronic Mapping
EMAPEnvironmental Mapping and Assessment Program
EMAPEnterprise Management Alliance Program (Hewlett Packard)
EMAPEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment Programme
EMAPEaston Multi-Agency Project
EMAPEnvironment for Managing Atlas Programs
EMAPEmpirical Maximum A Posteriori (Estimation)
EMAPElectromechanical Actuation System
EMAPEarly Medieval Archaeology Project (Ireland)
EMAPEmergency Management of Acute Poisoning (South Africa)
EMAPEast Midlands Associated Press (UK media group)
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CME interventions such as presentations at local academic meetings and publication of guidelines for the emergency management of acute poisoning were also undertaken.
Emergency Management of Acute Poisoning, Van Schaik, 2006 (recommended reference text).
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