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EMPElectromagnetic Pulse
EMPEnvironmental Management Plan
EMPExperience Music Project
EMPEmergency Preparedness
EMPÉconomie et Management Publics (French: Economics and Public Management)
EMPExchange Market Pressure (economics)
EMPEvent Management Plan (UK)
EMPÉcole de Management de Paris (French: School of Management of Paris; Paris, France)
EMPEmergency Management Planning (various organizations)
EMPExtremely Metal-Poor (stars)
EMPExternat Médico Pédagogique (French: Medical Teaching Clerkship)
EMPExcessive Multi-Posting (newsgroups, usenet)
EMPElectro Magnetic Pulse
EMPEnhanced Memory Pipelining
EMPExcessive Multi Posting
EMPEmergency Management Port
EMPEvent Monitoring Point
EMPExcessive Mass Posting
EMPEnergy Master Plan (various organizations)
EMPEstado Mayor Presidencial (Spanish: Presidential Guard Corps; Mexico)
EMPEmergency Management Port (Toshiba)
EMPEcosystem Management Plan (various locations)
EMPElectron Microprobe
EMPEnvironmental Management Program (USACE)
EMPEcole des Mines de Paris (French engineering school)
EMPEducation Master Plan (various schools)
EMPEnvironmental Monitoring Plan
EMPEngineering, Math, Physics (various schools)
EMPEnergy Management Program
EMPE-Marketing Performance
EMPEstimated Market Price (car sales)
EMPEmbden-Meyerhof-Parnas (biochemistry pathway)
EMPEuropean-Mediterranean Partnership
EMPEmergency Medical Personnel
EMPErstmusterprüfung (German: First Article Inspection)
EMPEurope Media Port (various locations)
EMPEnomoto Micro Pump (Japan)
EMPEricsson Mobile Platform
EMPEnvironmental Management Project
EMPEnglish for Medical Purposes
EMPExtramedullary Plasmacytoma
EMPEngineered Machined Products, Inc.
EMPEnergy Medicine Practitioner (health program)
EMPExcessive Multiple Posting
EMPEntreprise Métallo Plastique (French: Metallo Plastic Company)
EMPEquipment Mounting Plate
EMPEnterprise Marketing Platform
EMPEmbedded Media Processing (computing)
EMPElectromagnetic Propagation
EMPEco Media Player (Ecodigital)
EMPEntreprise Menuiserie Plaquiste (French construction company)
EMPElite Maintenance Program (Maplesoft)
EMPExtensible Messaging Platform (Novell)
EMPExecutive Master’s Program
EMPEdge Message Protocol
EMPEnhanced Marksmanship Program (US Marine Corps)
EMPEpimacular Proliferation (eye condition)
EMPÉbauches Micromécaniques Precitrame Sa (Swiss Micromechanical company)
EMPEarly Medieval Period
EMPEquipment Management Pool (shipping)
EMPElectromagnetic Prediction
EMPEngineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences
EMPÉcole Marie Poburan (Alberta, Canada)
EMPEnglish for Military Purposes
EMPEngineering and Manufacturing Processes (RSA)
EMPEnhanced Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Pallet
EMPExhibit Management Program
EMPExtended Megaco Package
EMPElectrostatic Molecular Potential
EMPExcessive Message Posting
EMPExcellence in Management Program
EMPExperimentation Master Plan
EMPEU/Southern Mediterranean Partnership
EMPEngineered Maintenance Procedures
EMPEngineering Modification Proposal
EMPEnglish for Maritime Purposes
EMPElite Mechanical Products Ltd. (Dongguan, China)
EMPEnvironmental Marine Products (Saint Petersburg, FL)
EMPEriccson Mobile Platform
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Upon arriving at the scene, Sergeant Rogutski deployed a rescue rope to the trapped boater and pulled the man to the shore where he was treated by emergency medical personnel.
The Emergency medical personnel have said that the suspect did not appear to be under the influence of drugs, with the authorities accordingly placing a mental health hold on Bensley and setting his bond at 40,000 dollars.
Novel intra-nasal cooling technology from BeneChill now offers emergency medical personnel a way to initiate cooling of the head in the field sooner and more effectively than with traditional methods.
It will also be used for day-to-day operations, such as RCMP, municipal and First Nations police, fire, and emergency medical personnel as well as sheriff, Alberta Emergency Management Agency and Fish a Wildlife officers.
As Oklahoma continues to fight back against stroke, physicians, nurses, emergency medical personnel and other healthcare providers around the state will gather to get the latest information on preventing, treating and recovery from stroke.
Hirst, who is associated with a company that provides testing materials for the certification, promotion, and training of fire and emergency medical personnel, presents a study guide for national or state certification, promotion, or training examination in trench and structural collapse that includes multiple choice questions similar to the exam.
He alertly recognized firefighters who had been overcome by heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation and directed emergency medical personnel to assist the downed firefighters.
He also describes the efforts of emergency medical personnel who performed a daring nighttime rescue of the injured by helicopter.
emergency medical personnel to determine the real cause of his problem a blow to the head instead of drunkenness and their subsequent decision not to take him to the nearest emergency room, but to a hospital that just happened to be conveniently located on their way home.
According to FBI officials one passenger was treated by emergency medical personnel and later released.
Committee discussion focused on whether to support federal funding for emergency medical personnel given the strong likelihood that additional federal mandates would come with any funds.
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