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EPGEmergency Power Generator
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EPGEniwetok Proving Ground
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EPGEncuentro Por Guatemala (Spanish, Guatemala)
EPGEngineering Practice Group
EPGEnhanced Product Group
EPGEyePlay Games LLC (multiplayer gaming site)
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When we went to buy the emergency power generator, every single major and minor store had run out.
Construction work for the new plant consisted of a new building, rehabilitation of both existing wells and the installation of three pressure filter vessels, new chemical treatment systems, a new plant electrical system, emergency power generator, a new Supervisory Control and Automated Data Acquisition (SCADA) and automatic filter controls.
Maroevic said that the airport would be having a new control tower, administrative facilities, a pilot briefing room, a meteorological room and an emergency power generator.
Technical building equipment water, Central ventilation units, Emergency power generator, Electrical installations incl.
Some fuel rods left in reactor core, emergency power generator and cooling functions restored Saturday, cold shutdown at reactor on Sunday.
This is complemented by an emergency power generator system comprised of 17 2-megawatt, outdoor generators on two-tier steel platforms with diesel fuel tanks capable of supplying 48 hours or more of reserve power.
Emergency power generator restored Saturday, some fuel rods left in reactor cores.
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