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EWSEnvironmental Water Systems (est. 1987)
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EWSElectronic Warfare Support
EWSEmergency Water Supply
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EWSElectronic Warfare Simulator
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EWSExecutive Work Station
EWSEngineering Worksheet
EWSEgypt Web Solutions
EWSExtended Workplace Service (Sprint)
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Newts have been breeding in emergency water supply tanks on the airfield.
Lessons have been learned, and an emergency water supply plan and emergency storage system have been implemented across the city.
600,000 to CARE Canada for an emergency water supply initiative in urban areas in Iraq.
5 million) for emergency water supply actions in the Baghdad region; Premiere Urgence (a French NGO) (Euro 500,000) for basic repairs to health institutions.
2 million from its budget to build emergency water supply projects in drought-plagued northern China in 2000.
A: You start looking for innovative ways to provide the necessary emergency water supply.
Tenders are invited for Godhatad Dam Based Project(Narmada Closure Emergency Water Supply Scheme):"Lowering,Laying and Commisioning Of DI Pipeline, Pvc Pipeline From Godatal Dam to Godatal sump, pandhro Sump & Mindhiyari Section, Taluka Lakhpat Under Missing Link Programme".
Emergency Water Supply Planning Guide for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities: Develop an Emergency Water Supply Plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a total or partial interruption of health facilities' normal water supply.
The target, which offers conventional water treatment, emergency water supply and water disinfection systems, posted sales of USD1.
The hospital used an internal emergency water supply and company engineers sent a bowser to top up the system, ensuring continued supplies.
The bottles of ice also will add to your emergency water supply.
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