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EEREnergy Efficiency Ratio
EEREuropese Economische Ruimte (Dutch: European Economic Area)
EEREconomics of Education Review (Elsevier)
EEREntretien de l'Espace Rural (French: Maintenance of Rural Areas; agriculture certificate)
EEREmployee Evaluation Review (various organizations)
EEREqual Error Rate (biometrics)
EEREmployee Evaluation Report (US State Department)
EERÉglise Évangélique de Réveil (French: Evangelical Revival; Switzerland)
EERExtended Entity-Relationship (Bellcore)
EERÉcole Éloignée en Réseau (French: Remote Networked Schools; Canada)
EERElvis Express Radio (Elvis Presley)
EERExtended Error Report
EERExterior Edge Route
EERExecution Error
EEREgress Edge Router
EEREqual Error Rate
EEREnable Early Recovery
EEREthernet Edge Router
EEREarly Error Recovery
EEREncryption Error Report
EEREnterprise Edge Router
EERÉpuration Extra Rénale (French: Extra Renal Purification)
EEREmerging Energy Research (alternative energy)
EEREnvironmental Education Research (various organizations)
EERExposure, Epidemiology and Risk (various schools)
EEREnhanced Early Retirement (various companies)
EEREstimated Energy Requirement (Calories)
EEREnvelope Elimination and Restoration (power amplifiers)
EEREnd-to-End Retransmission
EERExperimental Event Rate
EEREnhanced Entity Relationship (diagram; database design)
EEREvolutionary Ecology Research
EEREspace Européen de la Recherche (French: European Research Area; EU)
EERElectronic Equipment Room (various organizations)
EERElectronic Educational Resource
EERExtended Eye Relief (handgun scopes)
EEREscape, Evacuation and Rescue
EERÉcole de l'Erudition en Réseau (French: School of Erudition in Network)
EERExtended Echo Ranging
EEREnlisted Evaluation Report
EERExcess Emission Report
EEREspace Éolien Régional (French: Regional Area Wind)
EEREvacuation, Escape and Rescue
EEREligible Existing Resources (US FEMA)
EERElectronic Electricity Repository
EERExplosive Echo Ranging
EERExcessive Error Rate
EEREquine Exertional Rhabdomyolysis (horse disease)
EEREmployee Expense Report (Sprint)
EERElectrical Equipment Rack
EEREngineering and Economic Research
EERExternal Engineering Review
EEREndowment for Education and Research
EEREngineering and Economics Research Systems
EEREquipment Electrical Requirements
EERElevated Equipment Room (US military satellite communications)
EERExpanded Electrical Requirements
EEREvaluator Electronic Register
EEREquipment Evaluation Report
EERExtensive Energy Reserves
EEREmerging Economic Region
EEREthernet Edge Router (Riverstone)
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"Emerging economic regions will represent more than half of all growth in the next 20 years," Airbus said in a statement.
Airbus, which booked orders for 1,419 planes worth Au90 billion in 2011, compared with Boeing's 805, said emerging economic regions would represent more than half of all traffic growth in the next 20 years.
By contrast, if the EU were to succeed in levying a financial services tax, then some of the monies raised would find their way back to regions like Merseyside to act as an attractive lever for investment not least from emerging economic regions like China.
Global pharmaceutical market sales are expected to grow at a 4 - 7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2013, largely driven via growing access to health-care in emerging economic regions. Short-term growth within the sector will be fueled by the US market, as it remains the largest pharmaceutical market in the world.
At present, we are thankfully in an era of unprecedented global prosperity, with real GDP growth in many emerging economic regions above 5 percent and almost every country in the world with positive GDP growth.
With a market capitalisation of EUR 26bn (July 2017), the company has leadership positions in Europe as well as established strategic positions in the emerging economic regions of Asia and South America.
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